Green Rice Berlin Kreuzberg: Scrumptious Bowls of Good Vietnamese Food

One of the first facebook fan recommendations that we got around to testing. Last Friday, the sun was already shining its first promising sunbeams for the upcoming weekend. I had visited the Neukölln Arkaden for some shower shopping and Holly was just around the corner finishing up work. So we decided to have an old-fashioned celebratory weekend drink at Luzia, one of Kreuzberg’s coolest bars on the Oranienstraße. We even sat outside to enjoy the weather.
Now, since I live in Prenzlauer Berg and I do not know anyone who lives in Kreuzberg anymore, nor do I work nearby, I am not that familiar with this Bezirk. Sure, I know where to find your essential locations, but it is not an area of which I know all the ins and outs.

Vietnamese authenticity in a small Kreuzberg shop

While browsing through shops and looking for a nice quick food location for a meal (Knofi also has a dépendance on the Oranienstraße), we stumbled across Green Rice. On a crawling vietnamese restaurant berlin kreuzberg green ricedistance from Kottbusser Tor, you can find this small Vietnamese take-away-ish kind of place. It has a couple of tables and benches, seating in total around ten to fifteen people. It is not particularly cosy, but it is a decent enough place to sit. Especially when you basically just want to sit and have a meal without any of the romance or frills. (Perfect for a Friday evening when you still need to get around to cleaning, changing and going out dancing afterwards.) When you get inside, you basically order directly at the kitchen and your food will pop up in seconds. The menu is clear-cut and short. They have eight different classical Vietnamese meals on offer. All of them sound equally delectable. I chose a dish with thin slices of beef (spicely marinated) with glass noodles, a great salad and peanuts. Holly also had a salad with beef, which was also accompanied by noodles – yet not the glassy kind.

The food is simply great. Not super exciting or brand new fusion, but it has that authentic twang of Vietnamese food to it and is full of many different flavours. Even though my description of the actual dish might not sound particularly exciting: it is. I actually feel bad about not living closer to Green Rice, so that I can make it into my favourite ’naughty‘ lazy restaurant place. Because for the price of 5,50 for such a great and healthy meal, it is definitely worth it. We finished our plates within minutes and it was so nice, I would have ordered it again. Maybe also because I was not completely filled up by the delicious meal. Why the restaurant is called Green Rice, though, is a mystery to me. Only one out of the eight dishes actually entails rice – and it surely is not green.

What makes this restaurant fabulous:

  • The food. Simply good food. Real flavours, real ingredients.
  • The prices, with 5,50 euros for a great meal, anyone can afford popping in here.

What makes this restaurant less fabulous:

  • Well, it is not really a restaurant. You do really only pop in for a brief sit-down and pop out immediately after finishing your meal. Only great for a bad date or a quick meal with friends. (Not too many though, because it is not that big.)
  • One of the biggest downsides I found is that they serve no alcohol, except for take-away. I really missed a nice glass of Merlot next to my beefy noodlemeal.

Where to go?

[googleMap name=“Green Rice“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Adalbertstraße 11 10999 Berlin[/googleMap]

Adalbertstraße 11
10999 Berlin, Germany
030 6150-7367

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3 Kommentare auf “Green Rice Berlin Kreuzberg: Scrumptious Bowls of Good Vietnamese Food

  1. I’m glad you liked my recommendation:)
    Just drink a nice Vietnamese beer with your meal!! :)

  2. I like Green Rice, but there’s something bland about most of what they do there. Personally, I prefer Miss Saigon on Skalitzer Straße.

  3. I guess it really depends on how often you visit a place ;)
    I think Green Rice is a good fast food alternative, lots better than any ‚China-boxes‘ or other supposedly Asian foods. It is definitely no highly culinairy place to dine, just a good place for a budget-proof quick and yummy Vietnamese bite.

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