Hamy Neukölln: The Monsieur Vuong of Berlin Neukölln

A few steps away from the U-Bahn station Hermannplatz, right in the middle of one of Neukölln’s most lively and popular corners, you come across a great many of cheap-looking standard Vietnamese eateries. One of these is the not very promising yellow banner of Hamy. „Specialities from the Vietnamese cuisine,“ it says next to its name. Next door another Asian eatery is trying to lure its customers inside with a quite similar promise. Normally, Hamy would not be a place I would enter for enjoying an evening meal. It does not look like a real cosy restaurant and is more the epitome of an eatery – quick and easy fast food for the hungry business person, struck for time. But, actually, there is more to a book than its cover.

Hamy Vietnamese Eatery

In Neukölln, people know this place. Hamy is a institution, not unlike the flair-ish Monsieur Vuong is in Berlin Mitte. But Hamy is more suited to Neukölln – it is simple, sincere and budget-safe. For five euros you can enjoy a bowl of Vietnamese scrumptiousness where you would have to pay almost double for in the city center. They offer two daily specials and you choose one. On the menu they have drinks and some classical appetizers and the most well-known soups of Asia, such as Wan-Tan and Pho-Bo. But you should order a daily dish, if you want to eat something a bit more original (although their Wan-Tan is also very nice).

We rolled into Hamy one really late Sunday evening. Hungry, but tired and unwilling to cook or explore a more promising restaurant. Friends and fans of Hamy had already mentioned this location before, so it had been on the to-do list. That day, they had a daily special with glass noodles, slices of beef and fresh vegetables, herbs and a subtle sweet and sour sauces. We both chose the same dish immediately. And the food was good and yummy. It arrived really, ridiculously quickly. You gobble it up (or maybe it was due to my hunger) and are left craving a bit more. And although you probably get more atmosphere and bit more filling in your bowl at Monsieur Vuong,  I would not mind eating here every day. For 4,90 euros a daily special, you do not have to worry about sad any empty wallets.

Why Is This Restaurant Fabulous?

  • We already adore the place and it is great for a quick and healthy bite.
  • Simply good fast food from Vietnam.

What Makes This Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • Do not take people here on a date or go here when you want to enjoy a languid dinner.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Hamy“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Hasenheide 10 10967 Berlin[/googleMap]

Hamy Café Foodstore
Hasenheide 10
10967 Berlin

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3 Kommentare auf “Hamy Neukölln: The Monsieur Vuong of Berlin Neukölln

  1. „… right in the middle of one of Neukölln’s most lively and popular corners…“
    sorry to disappoint you, but this part is definitely Kreuzberg not Neukölln!

  2. Well, to me Hermannplatz is one of Neukölln’s most central spots.

  3. Tom is right. Neukölln start at the other side of the Hermannplatz :) (Hermannstreet/Klarl-Marx-Street)
    but Hamy is really excellent!

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