Thai and Indonesian Restaurant Goodtime

Berlin sports a great many of Asian eateries. Good lunch locations for a warm and spicy meal, atmospheric elaborate restaurants for romantic dinners and easy quick fixes for a brief bite. Amidst traditional places such as Goodmorning Vietnam and funky restaurant Transit, Berlin does know how to keep the Asian cuisine fresh and lively. We used to frequent the Berlin Mitte (Rosa-Luxemburg Platz Ecke) restaurant Ho Vang that does a great (and more than budget-proof) lunch meal. Not dissimilar, we recently checked out the Indonesian and Thai restaurant Goodtime on the Hausvogteiplatz in Berlin Mitte.

Goodtime Berlin: Executive Lunch Location

The Goodtime restaurants are part of a small chain counting three restaurants in total. They are all to be found in Berlin – two in Mitte (Hausvogteiplatz and the Chausseestraße) and one of the Teltower Damm.  In essence, Goodtime is a great lunch restaurant or a practical restaurant for a brief evening meal. Even though the decoration is quite fresh and atmospheric, it is not the kind of restaurant you go to for a long and special dinner. During lunch, you will find many suit-wearing professionals popping in for a delicious lunch – it is therefore a great place to go for an executive lunch meeting. Goodtime’s food offers a modest, yet flavoursome menu, supplemented by their daily specials.

The Goodtime restaurant on the Hausvogteiplatz sports an open kitchen, which shows off its chefs and meals being prepared. The slightly hustle and bustle atmosphere makes for lively dinner surroundings. Tables and chairs consist of funky Asian stools and the decoration of the place is hip and trendy with its bright colours.

Good Food at Goodtime Berlin

Apart from classical salads and soups, Goodtime offers a variety of warm dishes. In the department of appetizers, they have the popular and delicious spring rolls (Frühlingsrolle) in both a vegetarian and non-veggie version. The restaurant is well equipped to offer vegetarians a varied and yummy meal, also when it comes to main courses. We ordered a vegetarian spring roll, the Lumpig Sayur, with a sweet and sour sauce and a sour pickled salad. Nice and crispy, with the traditional flavour experience of your average spring roll. A bit larger, though, and with a proper bite – you have an actual idea and taste of the filling.

After this making-us-beg-for-more appetizer, we had the chicken on a skewer, with delicious peanutsauce and some more pickled salad on the side, supplemented by green beans. A simple, yet nice dish with a good balance of meat, sauce and fresh greens. Not a mind-blowing original dish, but Goodtime does classics best. Their menu boasts classical Asian (Thai and Indonesion) fusion foods, with a focus on doing the best with traditional dishes. A great and yummy place for a good and budget-proof lunch with friendly and helpful staff.

What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous?

  • For €9,- you can eat your heart out with an appetizer and a main course.
  • Good, flavoursome and authentic Asian food.
  • Friendly staff and a trendy atmosphere.

What Makes This Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • Don’t take your special date here. It’s a fab lunch location or a quick dinner spot, but it is not the place for an elaborate meal.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Goodtime“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Hausvogteiplatz 11a 10117 Berlin[/googleMap]

Hausvogteiplatz 11a
10117 Berlin

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