Transit Restaurants Berlin: Cool Asian Fusion

Transit is a Thai and Indonesian restaurant that currently has two different locations in Berlin. One in Mitte (Rosenthaler Straße 68) and one in Friedrichshain (Sonntagstrafle 28).  After becoming well acquainted with the original restaurant in Friedrichshain, we also ventured into the Rosenthaler Straße Mitte location of Transit. The deco is less elaborate and bright, as they went for a more classy style with earthy tones. The staff, however, is equally friendly and the food is just as great. They basically offer the same menu in both restaurants. If you are not sure which of the two locations to choose, though, I would reccomend the Sonntagsstraßee, with it’s bright colours and exciting bird cages.

But back to the authentic Transit restaurant and its concept. Transit is a modern, brightly-coloured and very welcoming restaurant. The staff is authentically Thai and Indonesian and they know their way around the menu. Maybe you think you know Asian food and you’ve had enough of rice, currys, meats, fish and sauces? Transit is a new upgrade of the Asian kitchen. They don’t do boring Asian food, but they do asian tapas, as I like to call them.

Asian Tapas at Transit

A long time ago I visited Transit for the first time. And although the whole concept is a bit hip and funky, but the food is really great fun. I enjoy eating various dishes in small quantities – experiencing as many flavours as possible without having to over order. All dishes here cost 3 euros and you should order around 3-5 per person. You can then mix and match with your table companions and try each others little dishes. They have an amazing menu consisting of delicious foods. They are all fun and yummy nibbles, great for a night out with a bunch of friends. A small summary from the delectable menu.

  • Duck in pyjamas: slices of duck meat in small wraps with haricot-verts, a fitting sauce and some fresh vegatables.
  • Gado gado: classical vegetarian dish with egg,  peanut (satay) sauce, steamed vegetables and fried tofu.
  • Almost nude: the most delicious white rolls with shrimps, meat, fresh herbs and salad in thin rice dough. (Personal favourite.)
  • Party girl: a spicy salad of fresh green papaya.
  • Golden harvest: creamy yellow curry with sweet potato and chicken.
  • Crispily fried shrimp with home-made guacamole. (And many, many more.)

The names of the dishes are delightfully hilarious and they offer a menu in German and English. As side-orders you can order rice or noodles for 1 euro each. The menu does not change that often. Every so often they add some dishes to the menu, but for the last couple of years most Transit tapas have remained the same.

Enjoying Thai Good Food at Transit

Transit also does a nice classical dessert. Creamy panna cotta with mango on top – a very refreshing and flavoursome dessert, perfect to wrap up a nice evening. Sadly, Transit does not offer any additional desserts. Another thing to beware of: of the fantastic cocktails (a bit on the pricey side started at 6 euros each) they serve at Transit. They offer your classical Mojitos and Maitai’s, but also have a very nice selection of non-alcoholic drinks. I know what you’re thinking: why no alcohol? Well, once in a while it’s nice to have something for your thirst only. And at this restaurant they make the best home-made ice-tea-meets-Mojito. Just without the alcohol.

What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous:

  • The food, which is simply scrumptious, interesting and exciting food.
  • The price is also fun, with 3 euros a dish, you can spend as much as you want.
  • The staff is rery friendly, remember you were there before and even offer to call you a cab.
  • The deco at Transit makes you feel like you’re in a special place, with the bright colours and bird cages.

What Makes this Restaurant Less Fabulous:

  • It may not be the best place for getting drunk. Cocktails are expensive (6,50 euros), but they offer a good deal on whole bottles of wine.
  • A small desert selection that has remained the same for almost a year is also dissapointing for a dessert fan.

Getting there

[googleMap name=“Transit Restaurant“ description=“10245 Berlin“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Sonntagstrasse 28 10245 Berlin[/googleMap]

Sonntagstraße 28 / Rosenthaler Straße 68
10245 / 10119  Berlin

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  1. Yes, amazing restaurant! i come here quite often and always i enjoy dining here!!!!

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