Yumcha Heroes: Dim Sum in Mitte

Every time I biked up to Prenzlauer Berg from Mitte or Schöneberg, I panted heavily when passing by Yumcha Heroes. With its bright neon lights showing off their logo and a look of happy and eating customers inside, I alway wondered about the delights that were hiding behind the doors of this restaurant. That this spot is about Asian and fusion, has always been apparent by the colouring and look of the place. Last week, I finally made it to Yumcha. On a busy Saturday night the place was packed, but we managed to get a reservation in (popped over to Gorki Park for a drink, and after half an hour, the heroes of Yumcha were ready for our hungry tummies). “Yumcha” is a traditional Chinese style of early afternoon tea that involves the eating of dim sum dishes, which explains the naming of this funky establishment.

Yumcha Heroes is a sleek, modern and trendily coloured restaurant with the style of an eatery. The restaurant sports an open kitchen, small cozy tables and larger benches with traditional Asian stools. With pink and purple lighting, modern decoration and a lively crowd, this is the kind of place where you enjoy spending your Saturday evening eating with friends. Food-wise, Yumcha is about dim sum, the traditionally Chinese dough-based food often referred to as dumplings with all different kinds of filling. The core business of their menu is about dim sum – they offer traditional variations and fillings (beef, shrimp, chicken, vegetarian) as well as seasonal specials (halibot, mussels and green asparagus). Apart from dim sum, Yumcha’s menu collection also offers related dishes such as rolls, salads and soups (with or without dim sum filling). Each order of dim sum, you can choose whether you want it fried or steamed.

This Sum is not dim

We ordered a large selection of various dim sums, soups, rolls and a nice bottle of wine (you can order from different categories, the cheapest being ‚good‘ and the most expensive ‚best‘). Surprisingly enough, this Asian restaurant actually serves good wine, generally a rarity among sushi and Asian eateries alike. The dim sum arrives most appropriately in the bamboo baskets that they were steamed in, looking all authentic and cozy on your dinner table. Each order of dim sum contains four pieces and the various baskets are perfect for sharing among dinner companions.

Among our collection of dim sum were the dark beef dim sums, which were very nice and subtly spicey in their meatiness. The dim sum with shrimp, as well as the dim sum with pork and caviar were nice. Apart from the delicious dim sum, we also tried the beef soup (which was very tasty and filled to the core with fresh vegetables as well as beef dim sum) and the vegetarian rolls (nice and steamed, with crispy vegetables).

A special mention goes to the seasonal special with halibot and mussels, which tasted absolutely divine. Supplementing the dim sums are three different dips – a balsamic vinegar, a sweet plum dip and a sweet and sour sauce.

Even after the main dinner activities, Yumcha Heroes offers more culinary delights to enjoy. Their dessert menu consists of around four exciting creations – ranging from chocolate parfait to sweet dessert dumplings. We ordered both and were pleasantly surprised by the presentation as well as the flavours. The parfait was soft, correct light texture and simply beautiful. The biggest surprise were the sweet dessert dumplings, with a warm vanilla dip and a soft chocolate center.

The seasonal menu changes at least four time a year, but the core of classical dim sum remains the same. After dinner, Yumcha Heroes may offer you a bamboo Schnapps (shot), which a nice yet strong touch that closes off a delicious night of atmospheric dining. I wholeheartedly recommend this spot.


What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous?

  • The food. Delicious dim sum.
  • The funky and lively atmosphere.
  • Friendly and attentive staff.
  • Great prices – €4,50 for a set of four dim sum.


Where To Go?

[googleMap name=“Yumcha Heroes“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Weinbergsweg 8 10119 Berlin[/googleMap]

Yumcha Heroes
Weinbergsweg 8
10119 Berlin
030 7621-3035

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