Christmas in Berlin: What To Do?

The magical days of true Christmas spirit and enjoyment are only a few days away. If you are spending Christmas in Berlin, either as a visiting tourist or a stay-at-home Berliner, you might be wondering what to do in this large city with so many possibilities. That is why we have collected a small handy list of tricks and tips for the first days of Christmas.

Christmas Markets

This may not come as a surprise, since we are such avid fans of the Christmas markets. But you should definitely visit one of the dozens of Weihnachtsmärkte in Berlin. They are filled with Christmas joy, cheerful, cosy and perfect for spending a couple of hours basking in that special Christmas glow. Great if you want to do some shopping, perfect if you just want to hang out with someone special, even better for a great bite and a warm cup of Glühwein. We have written many reviews on the various markets in Berlin, you can check them out at the Christmas Markets in Berlin.


Christmas Brunch

Another classic that we enjoy in Berlin as often as we can: the brunch (or breakfast, or lunch – whichever way you wish to call it). Even though we have called it a ‘Christmas’ brunch, it does not have to be on Christmas per se. The days before or after can be just as enjoyable as anything. Beware if you want to go for brunch on the Christmas days: some locations are completely booked, offer special Christmas brunches or may even be closed. Most great brunch spots however, will have their doors opened during the Christmas holidays. Browse through our list of the best brunch and lunch restaurants in Berlin to find something that suits your tastes and needs.


Christmas Dinner

Okay, we have to admit that we never ventured out to dinner on the Christmas days ourselves. But most Berlin restaurants offers special Christmas evenings, menus and stylish décor for Christmas dinners. A great occasion to dress up and spend a candlelight evening filled with luxury and special foods in a restaurant of your choice. Since most restaurants only publish their Christmas menus and evenings at the end of November, you will have to a do a bit of browsing and exploration to find the restaurant for you. A small selection of great restaurants that do Christmas dinners are Sauvage (Neukölln), the Fleischerei (Mitte), .HBC (Mitte) and Cape-Town (Prenzlauer Berg).

Christmas Park

A great activity to engage in during Christmas – in between the brunches, dinners and visits to Christmas markets – is walking around one of the many beautiful parks of Berlin. Whether it may snow or not, nothing is as refreshing as an outdoor walk. In the Zoologischer Garten park, around the Brandenburger Tor, you can even combine a spot of nature with some classical sights of Berlin. In the popular Mauerpark in Prenzlauer Berg you can join some of Berlin’s hip and trendy population and browse the market stalls on every Sunday.

All other things Christmas

Another few great things to undertake while spending Christmas in Berlin include visiting the Berliner Zoo (go to the one in Friedrichsfelde instead of the Zoologischer Garten one – it is much larger and so much more beautiful!), going on a relaxing trip to the sauna (we recommend the classical Thermen am Europa Center at Zoologischer Garten or the trendy Liquidrom in Mitte). If you fancy a little shopping trip, you should enjoy the fancy shops on Kudamm (Zoologischer Garten) or browse through the special little shops on the Bergmannstraße (Kreuzberg).  Here you find a huge and fashionable secondhand store where you can shop til you literally drop. You pay for your clothes per kilo. Last but not least: visit one or more of the fantastic art galleries and museums in Berlin!

And after all of the shopping, eating, drinking and excitement, do not forget to relax and indulge. Enjoy Christmas in Berlin!


Need any additional tips, hints or tricks? Drop us a line via Facebook or Twitter and we will help you make the best of Christmas in Berlin!

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