Christmas Markets in Berlin 2012: What You Need to Know

Soon, soon it shall be that time of year again. Our favourite, joyous season during which we will spread alcoholic and food-clever joy and cheer. The time of the German Christmas markets in coming soon. Since many of you will either be visiting or exploring Berlin during the season of its beautiful and enticing Christmas markets, we organize our Christmas markets special each and every year. We write extensively about as many Christmas markets as we can, while posting pictures, tips and tricks on our Facebook page. This year is no different. We will kick of the season of Christmas markets in Berlin 2012 with this article, to help you prepare for the coming Christmas time!

 Christmas markets in Berlin 2012: When Does It Start?

 This year, the Christmas markets will start on the 26th of November 2012. This applies to most, larger and well-known markets. Some of the small and independent markets may only be taking place for one weekend or one week. Some markets close before Christmas, some continue throughout Christmas. The final day of the longest running market (around the Gedächtniskirche in Zoologischer Garten), has its final day on the 1st of January 2013. Check out specific markets for the detailed information regarding dates and times.

Christmas markets in Berlin 2012: What You Need to See

 Berlin has a huge collection of Christmas markets you can, could or should visit. Which ones you cannot miss depends on your own goals and wishes when looking for some Christmas fun. But we can recommend our personal favourites.

Classical and beautiful: Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market

It is a classic indeed, this Weihnachtsmarkt located in the city center of Berlin Mitte, on the Gendarmenmarkt. You will spot many tourists here, but due to the small fee you need to pay before entering, it is actually a mixed crowd of Christmas enthusiasts you will find here. Great for eating, drinking and buying presents – but simply the best for its beauty and gorgeous location. Definitely worth a visit.

  • Opens: 26th of November.

Authentic and Scandinavian: Lucia Christmas market

For the 13th time this year: the cosy and beautifully traditional Scandinavian Lucia market in Prenzlauer Berg. If you like a good cup of hot Glögg, Glühwein or Apfelglühwein with a side of delicious regional delicacies: this is the Weihnachtsmarkt to visit. Lucia is located in the hof of the Kulturbrauerei, making the experience very comfy and extra charming with the large redbricked façade surrounding all little stalls.

  •  Opens: 26th of November.

Christmas markets in Berlin 2012: What You Need to Eat

We are Good Food in Berlin and one of the most important and delicious features of the Berliner Christmas markets are of course the foods and drinks you can enjoy while lounging at one of the cosy market hot spots. Our favourite food locations therefore are tips that will definitely give you one happy Christmas tummy. For the best Christmas foods, dips, snacks while browsing and food-based gifts (long-term and short-term) you need to visit the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt. Here you can buy special jars with sauces, dips and other home-made side dishes. Do not forget to taste some of the delicious pumpkin seed snacks, apple chips and freshly out of the oven Flammkuchen.

 More Christmas markets?

If you are coming to Berlin during the Christmas market season, or if you are living in Berlin and enjoying the Weihnachtsmärkte as much as we do, you should keep up with our updates of Christmas cheer on Facebook. And if you have contributions yourself, for example with pictures of the markets you visited: we love it when you share!

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  1. Only two Christmas markets listed? That’s like saying there are two flea markets in Berlin. I felt like the post was cut off before it properly started.

  2. Hi Patrick, this is just an introduction to the season. As soon as the markets start, we will start with the more elaborate lists of markets and places where you should and can go!

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    Can i please emai you guys about where to eat?
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