Weihnachtsmarkt Lucia: Scandinavian Christmas Market in Prenzlauer Berg

All I want for Christmas, are the markets. My favourite,  my favourite, my most special and beloved Christmas market of all time. Among the large flurry of brightly lit Christmas markets in Berlin, I have fallen in love with Lucia. When we saw each other for the first time, my palms got all sweaty, my heart started racing in my chest and I could not stop smiling. This Scandinavian Weihnachtsmarkt in the courtyard of the in Prenzlauer Berg located Kulturbrauerei is absolutely beautiful. It is not a gorgeous Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market, nor is it a shopping walhalla as much as the market on Alexanderplatz, but it is cute, small and quite local. Here you may find more Berliners from the direct surroundings than  at any of the other (more tourist-focused) markets.


The Best Christmas Market in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Lucia is quite a silly market, with some fun and original features centered on the Scandinavian theme that surrounds this market. It is expressed in the presence of Swedish Glögg (hot water with hot rum, raisins and almonds – a real treat), a stall dedicated to everything elk (meaty foods, elk-decorations and more) and authentic home-made wooden toys, scarfs and the traditional decorations so often seen and enjoyed during the times of Christmas.

But above all, Lucia is beautiful, cozy and the perfect place to soak up the atmosphere that is so delicious about Christmas time. Warm and sweet alcoholic smells, slowly drifting from the quaint wooden stalls into your nostrils, freshly baked Flammkuchen, softly roasted meats – and intimate winter coats fired up by actual heaters. Lucia is an experience more than a boring buy-as-you-walk Christmas market. If you are a fan of the ambience  and mood that comes with Christmas, this is the market you should not skip.

Good Food at Lucia

Since I am a big fan of Flammkuchen at Christmas markets – since they taste heavenly in the cold chills of winter – I always used to get a Flammkuchen here. (A Flammkuchen is a traditionally German ‘pizza’ made out of thin dough, topped with sour cream, onions and little strips of bacon.) But, beware, at Lucia they are not called Flammkuchen anymore. As of the season of 2011, the delicacies at the best Lucia bakery are Dinnele. Dinnele is actually a dish very similar to Flammkuchen, but originally from Swabia (an area in Bavaria) and traditionally more varied when it comes to its topping. At Lucia you can get Dinnele with the traditional sour cream and onions, but also with Mediterranean vegetables, meat or cheeses. Definitely worth a try, for only four euros. The best bakery spot is to be found opposite the Swedish stall with Glögg.

Lucia also offers the classical German foods eaten at Weihnachtsmärkte, such as Bratwurst, Schweinenacken, Boulette and more meaty bites.


Where To Go?

[googleMap name=“Weihnachtsmarkt Lucia“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Schönhauser Alle 163 10435 Berlin[/googleMap]

Lucia Weihnachtsmarkt
Schönhauser Alle 163 (in der Kulturbrauerei)
10435 Berlin

When To Go?

The market is opened from the 21st of November until the 22nd of  December 2011.
Open daily (Monday til Friday) from 15:00, opens during weekends at 13:00 and closes at 22:00.

Public Transport

Take the U2 and hop off at Eberswalder Straße. The market is a mere stone’s throw away.

More Christmas Markets?

During Christmas market season (22nd of November until Boxing Day) Good Food in Berlin will bring you daily Christmas market updates, live from the markets, via our Facebook Page. Like us now, to not miss any of our up-to-date Christmas tips and secrets. We will feature new and exciting Christmas market features that are not on our website… where to go and what to do… excitement guaranteed!

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