Christmas Markets Berlin: Weihnachtsmarkt on the Gendarmenmarkt

One of the absolutely prettiest Weihnachtsmärkte in Berlin is the well-known tourist attraction Christmas market on the Gendarmenmarkt. And not without reason, this large market is simply stunning and offers its visitors a great and varied assortment of drinks, foods and potential Christmas purchases. The area taken up by the market is located directly in front of the elegant church on the Gendarmenmarkt and filled up with many huge christmas trees, completely decorated with bright shining light. Actually, I should probably refrain from describing the market too much, as the pictures say so much more than my sentences could. The market is not called „Weihnachtszauber“ (Christmas magic) just because. Even after I had seen dozens of Christmas markets in my day, this markt on the Gendarmenmarkt still managed to surprise me. They feature music on a stage, have beautiful lighting and even a large discoball hanging at the top of one the large buildings feautering on the Gendarmenmarkt.

Oh, No, the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market Is Not For Free

Yes, it sounds awful and mean, but you have to pay a small entrance fee to get into this market. Silly, you may say when you know that all the other markets do not cost a thing. Yet the 1 euro price is actually mainly meant to keep the riff-raff out and makes sure serious Christmas visitors will be filling out the market square. It results in a great holiday-ish atmosphere with lots of interested shoppers and tasters. At the Gendarmenmarkt you will be able to find some great additions to your Christmas menu (anything ranging from exciting cheeses, creamy pastes, meats, freshly baked bread until alcoholic drinks). Now there is still snow falling down on the street of Berlin, visiting a Weihnachtsmarkt is absolutely mandatory – when the darkness falls and the snowflakes start to flicker in the evening light, no better place to be than a Christmas market in Germany’s capital. And the one euro entrance fee is definitely worth it.

Personal recommendations:

  • Try a freshly baked (and still warm) Flammkuchen with cream, onions and bits of bacon. Tastes like heaven after a couple of hours outside.
  • Drink Glögg, a Swedish hot alcoholic drink, filled with almonds and raisins. Sweetly spicy and will warm even the coldest toes.
  • Try cream cheeses in all variaties right in the middle of the market. A stand here offers cheeses with cranberries, rucola and many more delicious combinations. Great Christmas dinner food!

Where to Go?

The market is easy access when coming from the Alexanderplatz or Friedrichsstraße. Neighbouring Christmas markets are the Roten Rathaus and the Opernpalais. Open every day from eleven until ten from the 22nd of  November until the 31st of December.

[googleMap name=“Weihnachtszauber am Gendarmenmarkt“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Gendarmenmarkt, 10117 Berlin[/googleMap]

More Christmas Markets?

During Christmas market season (22nd of November until Boxing Day) Good Food in Berlin will bring you daily Christmas market updates, live from the markets, via our Facebook Page. Like us now, to not miss any of our up-to-date Christmas tips and secrets. We will feature new and exciting Christmas market features that are not on our website… where to go and what to do… excitement guaranteed!

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  1. agreed. we were there this past weekend and it was magical. i like to walk up where the disco ball is and look over all the tops of the tents.

    we tried some excellent schnapps there too. and the market vendors had nice, intereresting products that you don’t see everywhere else.

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