When are the Christmas Markets in Berlin in 2011?

When are the Christmas Markets in Berlin in 2011?

It may seem far away, bu we cannot start anticipating the most fabulous time of the year early enough. The Weihnachtsmärkte are coming to Berlin and they are here to stay! Sadly, they will not stay for the entire duration of the year, but if you want to enjoy the magic of Christmas markets in Berlin, this is the time to start planning. Every year the capital of Germany offers its holiday tourists a huge selection of beautiful authentic Weihnachtsmärkte, with over a hundred markets magically warming the hearts of its visitors.

When are the Weihnachtsmärkte beginning?

This year, 2011, the markets will start it off on Monday the 21st of November 2011. Most of the Christmas markets run up until Boxing Day, a few are even open until the first days of January (however note: visiting pre-Christmas is definitely the most fun).

Last year, we visited many, many markets and wrote articles on some of the best markets of the bunch. This year we will be back with a vengeance for a long exclusive period of live Christmas market Spaß, Berlin-style. If you are coming to Berlin for the markets, be sure to follow us on Facebook and/ or Twitter to receive exciting tips and tricks to give you that delicious edge for the celebratory snowy days.

The Best Christmas Markets in Berlin

Taste is a personal thing, but our favourite markets in the previous years are surely worth a visit. Whereas a lot of tourists do visit the Weihnachtsmärkte in Berlin, it is definitely a pastime loved and enjoyed by the locals. If, however, you do not want to engage in any of the touristy kind of Christmas markets, you should hit the outskirts of Berlin. Not outskirts in omg-far-away, but simply avoid Mitte and Alexanderplatz (fine markets here too, though!). For real authentic experiences the Weihnachtsmärkte in Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln are the way to go. For details on the exact markets for 2011, keep an eye on our Facebook Good Food in Berlin page! We will continuously update this page and add our visited markets.


Christmas Markets 2010:

More Christmas Markets?

During Christmas market season (21st of November until Boxing Day) Good Food in Berlin will bring you Christmas market updates, live from the markets, via our Facebook Page. Like us now, to not miss any of our up-to-date Christmas ins and outs.

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