BR 101: The Best and Cheapest Cocktails in Berlin

As soon as the sun shines its shiny and cheerful way across the city, we all get that tingle. That tingle that makes you want to mingle and enjoy being outside. Whatever, wherever, as long as you’re outside, everything is fine. Together with this tingle, I always get a craving for a cocktail. Or two. Especially in summer I love drinking cocktails. They’re resfreshing, fun and alcoholic all in one!

Unfortunately many bars and restaurants in the big cities are known for and very experienced at asking for extortionate amounts of money for a half-decent cocktail. Moreover, you should be very lucky if the cocktails on offer are more than a Sex on the Beach and a badly shaken Caipirinha. Finding a nice location with decent and afforable cocktails can be a bit of a hassle for your average Berlin tourist or new arrival. Avoid the Alexanderplatz and its one ‚decent‘ looking so-called cocktail bar, we have found a great alternative.

No more bad or expensive cocktails

One of Berlin’s best hidden secrets is this small cocktail bar that you might even be tempted to ignore. It does not look extremely exciting or special, but do not judge a book by its cover. Only a short walk away from the Alexanderplatz, on the big and busy street of Torstraße, one can find Br 101. Br 101 is a small, cute Brazilian cocktailbar with a great terrace space with tables and comfortable lounge corners in summer. They offer a huge range of the most exciting, well-known, classical and original cocktails. And that for prices of 3 to 4 euros per cocktail! My personal favourite (apart from the great Bloody Mary’s, Moijto’s and Gin creations) is the Mozambique cocktail. This  is an exciting turquoise cocktail that consists of a great refreshing mixture of Amaretto, Blue Curacao, lemon and orange juice.  Their cocktail menu goes on for many pages and they have a dozens of their original creations on offer. Surely the best place for a nice summery afternoon and evening, while easily drinking three to four cocktails without having to worry about your pocket money. A great place for trying out as many different cocktails as you like – perfect for meeting friends.

What makes this place fabulous:

  • Their huge and great range of cocktails. Pages and pages of new and exciting cocktails in their menu.
  • Afforable prices with a happy hour from 19-21 with all cocktails for 3 euros!
  • Friendly and cute staff. Authentic Brazilians that will supply enough Salzsstange for a nibble.

What makes this place less fabulous:

  • Unfortunately they only do ‚real‘ nibbles on occassions, when you can get fried papaya and other authentic Brazilian snacks. Would be a great addition, to offer more foods. Sometimes drinking can make one hungry.

Overall: 9/10.

Where to go?
[googleMap name=“BR 101″ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Torstraße 69, 10119, Berlin, Germany[/googleMap]

Br 101
Torstraße 69
10119 Berlin
030 4404-3871

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  1. Dear Rosa,

    I always enjoy reading your blog!

    I think you can get cheaper cocktails in and around Simon-Dach-Strasse. You should also try the cocktails at Amrit in the Oranienburger Strasse. They’re a little more expensive, but they are HUGE and YUMMI!

    Keep tasting good food and writing your blog!
    All the best,

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