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In Britain you have the typical and classical Sunday roast, a scrumptious meal that has been simmering in the kitchen all Sunday morning and afternoon. In Berlin, you have the Sunday brunch. You go outside, walk around your neighbourhood and find a nice bar or restaurant that offers a Sunday brunch. Almost every self-respecting food location in Berlin does a Sunday brunch. They offer an extensive buffet or an à la carte brunch collection. The Sunday brunch buffet in Berlin is a ‘thing’ that a lot of Berliners get into. One of our favourite places to hang out during a relaxing weekend in the Russian Gorki Park spin-off restaurant called Datscha.

Real Russian Food

One of the most exciting and original places to go for a Sunday brunch is a little cute Russian bar and restaurant in Friedrichshain. Datscha is located on the corner of the popular and always lively Simon Dach Straße and in the little streets around the area, you can find cool second hand shops or original designer labels that only exist in Berlin. Datscha is a Russian bar and restaurant and offers only Russian food. My personal favourite, on a Sunday evening, after a healthy swim, is the mixed Blini dish.

Blini’s are the typical Russian crêpes or pancakes, filled with exciting spicy fillings – ranging from fresh salmon to spinach with sour cream. All equally delightful and they make up a nicely varied dish. Also perfect for sharing with some friends, of course. Datscha also does a nice German Flammkuchen (a thin pizza-like variety traditionally flavoured with sour cream, onions and ham) and they have a nice selection of some very tasteful (and thankfully large) salads on the menu. Another great tip are the Maultaschen (stuffed pasta, basically) with spinach, mushrooms and potatoes, supplemented with a naughty blob of sour cream. Datscha also has a very nice and extensive breakfast menu (omelets, croissants, potatoes, crêpes, sweet yoghurt and quark dishes), just beware that they do not serve breakfast on Sundays (due to the extensive brunch that runs until 16hrs).

After which, it is the perfect place for a warm dish that can be considered a late lunch or an early dinner. I have spent a many of afternoon here that turned into a long evening filled with dinner delicacies. Apart from blini’s, maultaschen and Flammkuchen, Datscha also has a nice selection of meat dishes. Steak, burgers and thin slices of beef: Datscha has a small menu of meat main courses amounting to 5 to 8 different options (excluding the changing monthly menu). And the meat is good. Great. Subtle, properly flavoured and simply yummy. For 12 to 15 euros you can be the owner of such a platefull.

A Russian Brunch

The brunch, which you can attend until Sunday afternoon at 4 o’clock has lots of different Russian and not-so-Russian dishes on offer. You might be scared off by a big fish filet that still has it’s owner’s head and tail on the plate as a means of an authentic decoration. The caviar, fresh vegatable variaties and typical Russian soup (of course featuring the famous beet soup Borschtsch) do make up for any food that might have scared you off. Not to forget the many sweet delicacies that make up the dessert trays that will definitely make your mouth water. The Russian brunch at Datscha is surely a great alternative if you have been around the brunch block a couple of times too many. The dishes on offer are seriously surprising and exciting for any non-Russian native. But also à la carte, you can lunch, brunch and dine here very nicely.

What makes this restaurant fabulous:

  • The decoration and atmosphere are simply pretty, cute and very comfortable. You will feel right at home.
  • The typical Russian food. It is good and an exciting attempt to try out something new. Certainly worth a try.
  • The location. Perfect weekend haunt for a Friedrichhain-esque lounge.

What makes this restaurant less fabulous:

  • The friendliness of the staff varies.  They are real Russians, most of the time and some of them are more friendly than others.
  • The prices are not ridiculously high, but it’s not a bargain restaurant either. (Breakfast dishes very affordable, though. And the Sunday brunch costs 8 euros a person. Main course range between 7-14 euros.)

Where to go?

Gabriel Max Straße 1
10245 Berlin
+49 30 700 86 735

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  1. I went there twice. I had some mixed stuff called „Intelligenz“. Dark Bread, Fish and Kaviar.

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