Szimpla in Friedrichshain: Hungarian Restaurant for Brunch

Apart from Russian, Vietnamese and the Dutch cuisine, Berlin has so many more culinary countries to offer. Today we discovered a very special little place that is Hungarian of nature. Located not far away from the Russian restaurant Datscha in Friedrichshain, we found the small bar-cum-eatery called Szimpla.

Hungover Lunch in Berlin

It was one of those fabulous Sunday mornings after a long and heated night in one of Berlin’s many fabulous bars and clubs. One of those mornings during which you crave food in such an incredible way, that you could easily claw your way through a big bowl filled with fatty food. But no, we chose to enjoy ourselves and go to a nice, yet low-key restaurant that is perfect for a hungover breakfast or brunch. And since we stear clear of buffet-style brunch locations, it was actually quite difficult to find a nice and new place in Friedrichshain. When one is hungover, walking around town without a targeted purpose is not the best thing in the world.

Hungarian Brunch at Szimpla

Anyhow, our efforts were rewarded when we stumbled into Szimpla, a simple yet very atmospheric Hungarian-style little restaurant. When I say restaurant, I mean a small eatery that specializes in a small à la carte brunch and breakfast and is fabulous for hanging out in. Not a proper-proper restaurant, in case you wanted to dine here elaborately. The déco is an eclectic combination that partly reminds of Wohnzimmer, but with a distinct Hungarian touch.

We started off our order with a large, ridiculously large glass of orange juice (Osaft, as the Germans say) to still our hungover thirst. Szimpla offers a small, yet classic menu when it comes to breakfasts. It was exactly the kind of the choice we wanted – and it is exactly what I personally enjoy in a brunch. A variety of breads, different sweet and savoury toppings, eggs, fresh fruits and some home-made specialities.

I chose a dish with bread, croissants, egg, Hungarian eggplant paste, spicy chorizo-esque sausage slices, jam, your mandatory butter and a variety of cheeses. Fresh fruit included. A simple, yet varied and sufficient meal that lead to an immediate reinvigoration of our numbed alcoholic-induced veins.

The greatest thing of Szimpla being that the food, as well as the drink, is very affordable. A budget-proof location to stroll to for a cosy and casual brunch.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Great and simple food.
  • Budget-proof prices.
  • Authentic decoration.
  • Laid-back atmosphere.

What Makes this Restaurant less Fabulous?

  • Just keep it casual here. Nothing fancy or overly fabulous, but Berlinerisch in it’s cosiness.
Hungarian home-made brunch and lunch eatery with authentic food.
Date Published: 06/02/2012
Budget-proof and deliciously authentic Hungarian brunch/ lunch and breakfast food.
4.5 / 5 stars

Where to Go?

Gärtnerstraße 15
10245 Berlin

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  1. Das Essen gefällt mir im Szimpla, aber die Räumlichkeit an sich könnte schöner sein. Was ich in Friedrichshain sehr schön finde ist, dass außergewöhnliche Restaurants, Kneipen, Bars direkt um die Ecke sind genauso wie das Szimpla, toll!

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