A.Horn: Brunch Haven in Kreuzkölln

On the beautiful Carl-Herz-Ufer with a stunning view of the canal languidly floating by and in the middle of Kreuzkölln – probably a bit more Kölln than Kreuz – you ought to pop into the brand new a.horn bar and brunch, lunch and dinner location. It is a restaurant, a brunch hot spot and a great bar all rolled into one. They have wi-fi, large wooden tables and a lot of space for any occassion. Great corners for working on your laptop, reading a book, lounging with friends or simply eating a functional meal. The style of the restaurant is casual, homey with a slight glitter of posh. Next door (and you can observe the next door place through a window) a.horn has also opened a practical bike repairshop. If you ever fall victim to a broken bike around here, you ought to combine the pleasures of a.horn with a much-needed repair.

Munching Brunch at A. Horn

Upon entering you see a large bar and an open kitchen, with a cooler with their daily produce on display. Fresh pie, home-made Spanish tortilla, authentic sandwiches, recently baked bananabread and so much more. The fun thing is that their offer varies. Maybe they will have chocolatepie today and an applepie tomorrow. Most classics however, will be likely to make a recurring appearance. Sweet tooths can nibble on muffins, cookies and pies, whereas the hearty hunger can be stilled with their bread, bagels, tortillas and wraps.

To me, a.horn is a location that gives off the brunch and bistro vibe most of all. Its large ceiling to floor windows make it the best place to sit on a windy Sunday (late) morning, while absentmindedly sipping on your freshly squeezed orange juice, waiting for your home-cooked brunch. The menu here also consists of a mainly brunch-esque collection of foods. All of which can be eaten in the evening, of course. And whereas a.horn does also offer hot dishes, the main focus of the menu is on lunch and brunch-like meals. They make their own bagels, which you can order the way you like, which any topping imaginable. A random selection: cinnamon bagels, goat cheese topping, spicy paprika, salami, Gouda and hazelnut-honey. Of course A. Horn also offers breakfast platters, in small, large, sweet and salty variations.

Why Is this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • It is pretty, stylish, cosy and has a beautiful view.
  • It is the perfect place for a brunch, lunch or a working afternoon.
  • Nice prices, budget-proof. Breads and bagels for 1-3 euros. Home-made pies & co start at 2 euros.

Why Is this Restaurant Not Fabulous?

  • Well, I would not go here for an elaborate supper. Simply because that is not the strength of this place. Unless you want a brunch-y dinner, of course.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“A.Horn“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Carl-Herz-Ufer 9 10961 Berlin[/googleMap]

Carl-Herz-Ufer 9
10961 Berlin
030 60059888

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3 Kommentare auf “A.Horn: Brunch Haven in Kreuzkölln

  1. „… On the beautiful Carl-Herz-Ufer with a stunning view of the canal languidly floating by and in the middle of Kreuzkölln“

    i think u should really buy a map of berlin or a better guide ;) This is Kreuzberg and really far away from being the middle of „Kreuzkölln“…

  2. It is bordering on Kreuzberg as well as Neukölln and the most important factor here for using the term „Kreuzkölln“ is that it is a typical Kreuzköllner atmosphere – as well as the restaurant.

    But I guess one can discuss what one deems Kreuz or Kölln for hours, as it is always personal which parts of the city belong to which… it’s more about Ausstrahlung than maps.

  3. I have to agree with Tom, Ausstrahlung or not, this is not Kreuzkölln (thankfully).

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