Café Anna Blume Prenzlauer Berg: Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch Paradise

Personally, I love fall. The sun still shines, gorgeously coloured leaves slowly drift away from their branches against the backdrop of the clear blue sky and you can start drinking hot drinks with alcohol, snuggled up in soft, sensous blankets. Berlin loves its outdoor life and even during the colder days of fall, you can sit outside at most restaurants. Staff will bring out the eco-unfriendly heating lamps, supply you with a wealth of woolly wraps and if you have a lover on your side – the perfect excuse for a secretive snog. If there is one place where you should definitely give the lunching outside activity a chance before winter will come and lure us all inside, it is Anna Blume. (And also if you read this entry during any other time of year, Anna Blume is a place you want to go if you want that brunch or breakfast with that little bit extra.)

Lunch Haven of Prenzlauer Berg

If you live or hang out in Prenzlauer Berg on occassion, you may have heard of Anna Blume. It is a small (yet not too small) café/ restaurant and a plant shop rolled into one.  It might come across as an odd, but very pleasurable combination and it is a place worth visiting. Anna Blume is the absolute crème de la crème when it comes to fabulous Sunday brunch locations. It is famous for their huge and delicious looking pieces of pie, for which a great many of peckish customers settle down. Another of its most fabulous products is the lunch etagère for two, which includes a gorgeous looking silvery etagère with all possible lunch foods you could ever dream of.

Anna Blume has a large outside area, as it is situated on the corner of the Kollwitzstraße. On weekend days, you will have to be a bit patient before you can sit down – it is a popular breakfast, lunch and late brunch location. Most  mornings during the weekend, you might have to wait for five to fifteen minutes before you get a seat, but it is worth it and quite bearable a wait. During the week, however, you will be greeted by a typical Kollwitzplatz relaxed atmosphere: there is always something lively, yet very laid-back going on in this Kiez. So if you have a morning or a day off during the week: Anna Blume is a great spot for a nibble. From their biological market days to small children’s street festivals: the Kollwitzplatz is one of Berlin’s most desired posh family neighbourhoods in Prenzlauer Berg. And that I why I love strolling through the streets here in any kind of season. It is a great place to go to if you want to have a sit down, some coffee, or an elaborate lunch. In between all of the Kollwitz Platz’s popular lunch locations, at the end of the Kollwitzstraße and right on the corner overlooking a more quiet spot, is Anna Blume.

Anna Blume’s Food

Sitting hidden away between palm tree branches, colourful flowers or other floral wildlife is something you could expect when going to Anna Blume. Due to their combination with a plant shop, a lot of the pretty pot plants and flowers are nicely scattered about throughout the outside terrace. Apart from that, Anna Blume looks like your well-known favourite lunch and brunch restaurant.

If you go here with a friend, partner or parent – I would absolutely recommend ordering the etagère for two. This is the order you will see most people placing on a weekend morning – as one generally comes to Anna Blume for the etagère. Which will get you a combination of basically everything on the menu, ranging from omelette, boiled eggs, cheeses (anything from brie to frischkäse), meats (anything from salami up to chicken and schinken), fisch (salmon filet), vegetables (salads, tomatoes, gurken, mushrooms), flavoursome home-made pastes and a large bread basket with a variety of fresh and yummy breads. You will have to pay 17,50 euros for this dish (for 2 people), but it is definitely and surely worth the great food and beautiful decoration you are getting for it in return.

Additionally, you can eat great smaller lunch or breakfast dishes here, drink great hot chocolate with rum (especially appropriate for those chilly fall days) and you must give the huge, flavoursome pieces of pie a try. You can basically take anyone here, as there will always be something they would enjoy eating on the menu. A great recommendation for visitors to Berlin who would not mind being tempted with one of the most fabulous breakfasts they will ever have. And apart from typical brunch dishes (based on breads, cheeses and eggs) you can also order great salads, spicy hot dishes, yummy crèpes or desserts.

What makes this restaurant fabulous?

  • Its decoration, atmosphere and generally super friendly staff. They are a brunch/ lunch weekend-y kind of place and that is precisely the vibe Anna Blume gives off. Relaxed, chilled and pretty.
  • The food! It is yummy, it is great and just get that brilliant etagère. Perfect romantic lunching and brunching!
  • The location, which allows you to enjoy the nice weather outside or the chilled ‚bustle‘ of the Kollwitzkiez.

What makes this restaurant less fabulous?

  • If there would be anything, I would have to say it is not the cheapest place for lunch. But I would pick this place any day over an overstuffed budget buffet brunch restaurant. It is very afforable, and for 4 to 5 euros you can have a great breakfast or lunch here.
  • Secondly, if you want the best seat on a weekend, get here early or be a okay with waiting for a bit. It will be worth it.

Where to go?

[googleMap name=“Anna Blume“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Kollwitzstraße 83 10435 Berlin[/googleMap]

Anna Blume
Kollwitzstraße 83
10435 Berlin
030 40500400

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