Der Bamberger Reiter: Cabaret-chique Dining in Schöneberg

Schöneberg, Schöneberg – oh, how we adore Schöneberg. Not just because it is the gayest of Berliner Bezirke, but because of its surprising restaurants, shops and bars. Due to the classy nature of most of the areas in Schöneberg, you will get an instant dose of beauty poored down your eyeballs when you walk through the imaginary doors of its entry. Essentially, Schöneberg is an expensive Bezirk when it comes to renting or buying a flat here. Therefore, most buildings are gorgeous, the streets are clean and calm and in small sidestreets you may suddenly find a surprisingly delicious restaurant previously only known to the locals living in that exact street.

One of these restaurants is Der Bamberger Reiter, only around the corner from the sadly closed down Afghan restaurant Chraazan. When you enter this establishment, you will be blown away. It has an aura of the 20th century Cabaret-style oozing down each and every one of the walls. Chandeliers, pink silk adorning the walls and slight-sparkling notes on the table we had reserved.

 Eating Food at Der Bamberger Reiter

We explored one of their menus, consisting of three courses: an appetizer, main course and dessert. Before the meal itself started, we received some bread-based nibbles supplemented with some nice dips. I always love places that give their guests something on the house to nibble on. And with an atmosphere as the one you experience when at the Bamberger Reiter: you will definitely enjoy yourself. If you like pink, that is.

We ordered a variety of food, consisting of appetizers, mains and desserts. The classical tomato and mozzarella salad that I nibbled on, was delicious and fresh. Personally, I could have done without (so much of) the dressing. But the ingredients were fresh and very flavoursome.

After that refreshing salad, I had ordered a deer steak with home-made gnocchi and red wine sauce. Since I absolutely adore gnocchi, I am generally inclined to ordered it whenever I see it on a menu – especially when it is home-made. The main courses at the Bamberger Reiter are mostly meat-centered dishes, so I would advice ordering a delicious meat dish here. The deer was very tender, soft and moist and perfectly complemented by the creamy and softly textured gnocchi and the heavy and powerfully sweet flavour of the red wine. A classic dish for a cold evening: simply fabulous.

As a dessert lover, I enjoyed a raspberry ice with fresh berries and honey as its companion. A refreshing and sweet closing deal after the so deft main course with deer.

Restaurant the Bamberger Reiter

The restaurant has recently undergone a make-over, added a small stage and upgraded its outdoor area. In summer and spring it is a great place to sit outside and enjoy the atmosphere of Schöneberg in a soothing way with greenery all around. With a classical menu that focuses both on German food as well as other culinary influences, it is a traditional restaurant with an edge. A beautiful place with super-friendly staff that we can only recommend whole-heartedly. Daily specials also on offer.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Great, fresh and quality food.
  • Authentic and beautiful deco and atmosphere.
  • Good price-quality ratio.

What Makes this Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • If you are not into the more heavy, German-esque meals than maybe this is not the best place for you. Although you can order one (or more) of the delicious salads and/ or appetizers.
A German-styled restaurant in Schöneberg that will make you love home-made food.
Der Bamberger Reiter
Date Published: 11/15/2012
Great, authentic food in delightful atmosphere.
4 / 5 stars

Where to Go?

Der Bamberger Reiter
Regensburger Straße 7
030 / 749 200 90

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