Berlin in Autumn: Where to Eat and What to Do

We have got chills and they are definitely multiplying. And just so we do not lose control: we pop into the nicest and coziest restaurants of Berlin to warm up our cold and chilly hands after a long and refreshing autumn walk.

Berlin is beautiful in fall and you should enjoy its gorgeous colours and delicate scents while you can. Before soft and white snowflakes will turn Berlin into a whole different kind of magical fairy tale city (but that is all in Weihnachtsmärkte-modus, and it is not that time just yet). So: what kind of things should you get up to Berlin during this season and what are the most suitable locations to chill and eat at afterwards?

What to Do in Berlin During Autumn

f you are visiting Berlin for the first time, or if you are a passionate resident of Berlin – sometimes you can do with some inspiration. And during the fall season, there is inspiration galore in and around the streets and gasses of Berlin.

Zoologischer Garten Stroll

The first thing you need to be during in Berlin is walking, strolling and languidly stepping around the town. Make the walk the goal itself and do not worry where you might end up. Berlin is full of U- and S-Bahn stations, so you will never have a problem getting back. One of the great areas that are worth a stroll in the green area around Zoologischer Garten. Here you can enjoy the many large parks this area has to offer and even visit the actual Zoo. (If you really want to experience a great Zoo, we recommend you check out the Friedrichsfelde Zoo. Only a short ride on the S-Bahn away!) In the parks around the Zoologischer Garten you might take some mind-blowingly beautiful fall shots of the city. Plus: you are close to the main street Unter den Linden for a nice sit down or touristy shop.

Sauna Explorations in Berlin

One of my favourite things to do in fall and in Berlin is going to the sauna. It is at its best when the weather is getting chilly outside and the all-encompassing warmth of the sauna is a welcome variation on the continuously cold feet outside. So: why not relax in one of the many saunas Berlin has to offer? You can either hop in for a couple of hours (most saunas will offer two to three hour tickets) or enjoy an entire leisurely day in the sauna and spa. Larger sauna complexes that we can recommend is the sauna Thermen am Europacenter (Berlin Zoologischer Garten) and the Liquidrom (Berlin Mitte). Another great sauna spot that is unique to Berlin is the Badeschiff: a boat on which you can swim and sauna while looking out over the Spree. Sadly, this is closed due to renovation work during the winter of 2012.

What to East in Berlin During Autumn

It can get chilly in the October and November months in Berlin. What better way to solve those cold hands and feet than eating and drinking good food?

Drinking Hot Chocolate at Manolo

This place is our favourite when it comes to chilling with a cup of hot chocolate – they do a mean rum and chocolate, but it also tastes great without the delicious alcoholic shot. Manolo is situated on the big crossing with the Schönhauser Allee and the Eberswalder Straße. If you sit down here, you have a lively view of the many Berliners crossing and walking around: a great spot in autumn as well as the cold winters. We spent many wintery evenings here, looking out over the snowed in streets while sipping our warm drinks. Great spot for meeting up with friends, having a break from shopping through the Kastanienallee and even for working for a few hours.

Warm Cheese Fondue at Ars Vini

What better way to shoo the cold chills away but a warm, sticky cheese fondue? We know just the place: Ars Vini is a small chain with two restaurants in Berlin. You can order whichever way you like your melted cheese here, from spicy cheeses to mushroom cheeses. With cosy restaurant locations to boot, you will have problems getting out of this place when the winds are blowing outside. A great idea and a cute place for a long and intimate dinner.

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