Brunching in Kreuzberg: Mathilda

Brunch in Berlin is an essential post-dancing-the-night-away activity, also adopted by trendy parents in the outskirts of Prenzlauer Berg. In Kreuzberg and Neukölln brunching is still young and populated mostly by the trend setting hipsters that Berlin is so well-known for. Mathilda is one of these places, with its small-scaled restaurant located in the Graefestraße right in the middle of the super hip Graefekiez in Kreuzberg, known only to those whose blood is filled with that Kreuzbergian edge. Some Kreuzbergers are even said to never leave their Bezirk, proud of their Kreuzhipsterness.

Brunching at Mathilda in Berlin

Hipster, trendy or Kreuzberger or not – if you are looking for that Berlin-y edge to chilling and eating, Mathilda is a good bet. Put on your too-cool-for-school glasses and mismatched designs and hop onto your Dutch bike. Matilda’s essential Kreuzköllnian atmosphere and clientèle will be just your cup of tea. Young, hip and trendy and located in a small restaurant on a side street off the Kottbusser Damm, it is right in the middle of Kreuzberg leading up to Neukölln. If you feel like chilling with your friends or on your own in casual surroundings for budget-proof prices, Mathilda is the place to be.

Basically, after a long and pleasure-filled night and morning, Mathilda is the place where you can regain your strength while sipping on some freshly squeezed orange juice and/ or Sekt. This little place offers your run of the mill traditional brunch and breakfast dishes, such as fresh fruits, bread baskets with either cheeses, meats or both and a large collection of warm egg dishes. All for affordable prices, home-made affection and LP-spinning DJ’s. But do not worry, they spin chilled music during the hours of brunching.

The menu at Mathilda is fashionably brief, but includes all of the brunch ingredients you might be craving for. Yoghurt and fruits, croissants, bread baskets with a variety of cheeses, bread baskets with a variety of meats, and so much more. For about five euro’s you can satisfy any traditional breakfast and/ or brunch needs. Mathilda is also a nice place for a drink, a piece of pie, or a nibble.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Budget-proof: you can enjoy an elaborate brunch here for less than 10 euros
  • Freshly home-made dishes
  • Chilled atmosphere

What Makes this Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • This is a low-key chillzone, do not expect posh or luxurious brunching

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Mathilda“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Graefestraße 12 10967 Berlin[/googleMap]

Graefestraße 12
10967 Berlin
030 8179 7288

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Ein Kommentar auf “Brunching in Kreuzberg: Mathilda

  1. It looks like a neat place to hang out with friends, Rosa. I’m not personally keen on the physalis, but that’s just my personal taste. But I’m a big fan of meat and cheeses, and it’s a good spread to sit around while you chat to your friends and recover from the night before! :)

    The last time we were in Berlin, I really enjoyed the Graefe-Kiez area… so full of little cafes and shops (and there’s a really good record store there too that stocks a great range of vinyls). What kind of music do they play at Mathilda? It sounds cool to eat brunch to chill out tunes.

    I’m hoping we can get back to Berlin this year in time for the Berlin Christmas markets as it’s something that’s been on my list of things to see for such a long time. I’ve only been in Berlin during the summer, so it would be great to see the city and food in winter, and I’ve heard the atmosphere is amazing.

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