Easter in Berlin: Brunches and Lunches

Easter is probably the best time to visit Berlin. The last four years that we celebrated this bunny-induced and egg-rich holiday, it has been mindblowingly fabulous weather in the center of the Deutschland universe. Sunny, hot and basically smoldering like a summer’s day. So if you are considering visiting the German capital over Easter: definitely do it.

And apart from walking through one the city’s beautiful parks, lounging in the sun in Mitte and maybe visiting a relaxing spa or sauna, one needs to eat. Over Easter you traditionally meet for an Easter brunch, mostly outdoors when it comes to celebrating Easter in Berlin. So what kind of places are the best for the kind of Easter brunch you are looking for? We bring you some sumptuous suggestions.

Easter Brunching in Berlin

Quite some restaurants offer proper and exclusive Easter brunches. If you would like to engage in one of these brunches, you can check the restaurant of your choice and reserve some places rightly in advance. But, if you are spontaneous or do not know where to start when it comes to hot spot for yummy brunching, you can always wander the streets and pop in. Do beware that basically everyone will be brunching over Easter; expect lively bustling brunch locations. Easter is essentially an elongated Sunday: chilled and relaxed. But do not let this hold you back: Easter brunching is fabulous.

Oranium (Mitte)

If you are a tourist, or not very familiar in Berlin, we recommend you definitely brunch at Oranium. It is a traditionally classic restaurant right in the middle of the vibrant Bezirk Mitte, on the Oranienburger Straße. Perfect if you are exploring the city and like to be centrally located with some delicious food. Oranium also caters to your German food wishes and is perfect for a luxurious champagne brunch. The Ausstrahlung of Oranium is dark wooden furniture, cosy corners and interesting views from the windows. Oranienburger Straße is one of the most well-known streets in Mitte, filled with a large collection of shops and food spots. After brunching here, you can easily turn the corner and walk up to Friedrichstraße and Unter den Linden.

Oranium’s strength is surely the brunch and breakfast platters that they offer. You can wallow in fresh fruits, nibble on croissants, order egg dishes, enjoy crêpes – or have it all. My personal favourite breakfast-meets-brunch food at Oranium is the süßes Frühstück (sweet breakfast), which is budget-proof at around 4 euros, which gets you a fresh croissant, a Brötchen (bread roll), a boiled egg, a plate with a crêpe with mango cream , fruits, jam and butter. A perfect little elaborate breakfast for an Easter morning. They also serve fresh fruit and yoghurt breakfasts. For a restaurant on the Oranienburger Straße, this is a very decently priced spot with some nice dishes.

Oranienburger Straße 33/34
10117 Berlin‎
030 3088 2967‎

Mathilda (Kreuzberg)

If you are looking for that Berlin-y edge to chilling and eating, Matilda’s essential Kreuzköllnian atmosphere and clientele will be just your cup of tea. Young, hip and trendy in a small location on a side street off the Kottbusser Damm in the middle of Kreuzberg leading up to Neukölln. If you feel like chilling with your friends or on your own in casual surroundings for budget-proof prices, Mathilda is the place to be.
Basically, after a long and pleasure-filled night and morning, Mathilda is the place where you can regain your strength while sipping on some freshly squeezed orange juice and/ or Sekt. This little place offers your run of the mill traditional brunch and breakfast dishes, such as fresh fruits, bread baskets with either cheeses, meats or both and a large collection of warm egg dishes. All for affordable prices, home-made affection and LP-spinning DJ’s. But do not worry, they spin chilled music during the hours of brunching.

Graefestraße 12
10967 Berlin
030 8179 7288

Kuchenrausch (Friedrichshain)

If you fancy something more luxurious, elaborate and classy, Kuchenrausch is the place for your brunch. This semi-large restaurant in the middle of Friedrichshain on the popular Simon-Dach Straße specializes in Kuchen (pie), which is apparent as soon as you enter. A large Tresen filled with about a dozen of different pies tempts you inside. But regardless of the pies and your desire for them: before eating a piece of pie, you could and should indulge in a fabulous brunch here. Kuchenrausch offers a cosy-meets-luxurious vibe to its eating surroundings and even the menu reeks of down-to-earth luxury. You can order anything from a sweet breakfast, a basket of croissants, any egg-combination imaginable up to meat, cheese and elaborate mixture platters of brunch delicacies.

Kuchenrausch is the place you go to if you wish to enjoy a long-winded brunch and if you want to eat a lot of food. Do not take me wrong: you can eat as little as you want here, but with the elaborate offer on display here, it is best your stomach is empty and hungry enough so you get to enjoy most of it.

Simon-Dach-Straße 1
10245 Berlin
030 55953855

Café Bilderbuch (Schöneberg)

Our last, yet very special, suggestion for brunch places over Easter weekend is one of my personal favourites. Café Bilderbuch is a brunch restaurant based on Märchenbücher (fairytale storybooks). All of the dishes and platters are named after well-known fairytale characters, such as the little mermaid and puss in boots. The decoration of this surprisingly large restaurant is an eclectic mixture of your grandmothers furniture with vibrant colours, musical instruments, big bookcases filled with books and even a doll’s house. At Café Bilderbuch you can sit down at nine in the morning and still be there in the evening. Desserts, drinks, many many different breakfast and brunch platters (order-able all day!) will make it impossible for you to leave, especially when curled up in one of the many comfy chairs. For example, the “Tausendundeine Nacht” (one thousand and one nights) breakfast dish. This oriental fairytale on a platter consisted of goat cheese, garlic sausage slices, cheese, olives, jam, butter, vegetables and two rolls (one white, one sunflower seed) and three slices of dark bread. A very filling, flavoursome and well-balanced brunch. They also offer larger platters perfect for sharing, and fresh orange juice and a glass of Sekt is often included.

Little tip: the Café Bilderbuch has its largest seating area behind the bar (after walking past the toilets). If you do not know this, you might end up sitting in the smaller room looking over the street, but the magic is to be found at the back.

Akazienstraße 28
10823 Berlin
030 78706057

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