Fellas Stargarder Straße: The New Fellas in Berlin

More than a year ago, when I thought I was in love and had something people refer to as a ‚boyfriend‘, me and Holly went on a so-called double date to a pretty, lively restaurant. In one of the side streets directly off the Schönhauser Allee, the Stargarder Straße, we discovered Fellas. Back in those days, the snow was pouring down on the city and walking was a dangerous endeavour  an sich. That was one of the reasons we intially chose Fellas:  it was not too far away from the main street and we could just about get there, wading through the thick layers of snow. Last winter was an adventure in itself.

After that incredibly cold and snowy evening, we never made it back to Fellas before they closed. As Sir Fleischmann, at Muy Gusto, dramatically wrote, „Fellas, mon amour.“ We too were saddened and we had to set out to find other restaurants in the neighbourhood. Until one day, a few months ago, something magical happened: Fellas re-opened.  With a different owner, a completely different menu and different staff. But it still was Fellas and it had to be tried and tested once more.

Food at the new Fellas

A couple of months ago we then ventured back to this restaurant, which used to be a casual and fun eatery-meets-restaurants where you could meet with your friends for a quick and budget meal. But all in a nice atmosphere and a proper restaurant, that was what made it so nice. The new Fellas, however, upped the stakes a bit. Prices went up and the dishes available on the menu went down in quantity, but up in posh pretence. No more simple salads or a quick burger – they made way for home-made risotto, beef tatar, saltimbocca & co. In essence, not something I would protest to, but it is sad that the ‚Prenzlauerbergisierung‘ is felt in every element of life in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin: which essentially amounts to the fact that rich(er) people move in and therefore the prices go up. A nice casual place like Fellas, morphed into a semi-posh restaurant and dining experience.

Back to the food, however. One of the delicious appetizers on the new menu were scallops (Jakobsmuscheln), which is one of my absolute favourite foods ever. Happily enough I immediately ordered them. The scallops came on a large and juicy bed of rucola salad with some fresh tomatoes thrown into the mix, nicely presented on a decorated plate with olive oil. The thing with scallops is, is that you have to sauté them only lightly and if you leave them simmering in a pan for too long, their texture becomes horribly rubbery. But if you leave them in only briefly, you will miss the subtle grilled flavour and texture that makes scallops so nice. But I have to give up to Fellas: my scallops were perfect.

As a main course, I chose the saltimbocca. This classical dish originating in Rome consist of veal, rolled into a flavoursome roll with prosciutto and sage. This saltimbocca however, was an interesting variation on the classical veal, with chicken. The saltimbocca came with a gorgonzola risotto. And the thing with risotto is that it is essential the soft and squishy rice is prepared in such a way that it does not taste too hard and rugged, nor too watery. And sadly, here Fellas disappointed me. The rissoto was simply – off. It was too hard. The decoration was again quite nicely done and the dessert of my favourite crème brulée was not disappointing at all. Great, good and classical crème brulée the way I like it. Definitely worth a try here.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Nice atmosphere for a bit more poshness.
  • Fabulous crème brulée, extensive wine menu and some interesting dishes.
  • Classy restaurant with classical dishes.

What Makes this Restaurant not so Fabulous?

  • Slightly more expensive than an average restaurant in Berlin.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Fellas“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Stargarder Straße 3 10437 Berlin[/googleMap]

Stargarder Straße 3
10437 Berlin
030 46796314

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  1. the fellas is not same same, that it was years before.

    horreble food and the service is full shit

    it´s better to close the restaurant for EVER

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