Kuchenrausch: Brunching in Friedrichshain

Eating breakfasts in beautiful restaurants, enjoying brunching in atmospheric locations – it is the essence of Berlin’s magic. You do not stay at home to cook your little boiled egg, and wait for blackened croissants to waft their way out of the oven. No, you put on a warm coat, a scarf and if desired, you dress up – if not, you can just lounge in your comfy Sunday pants –   and you make your way to Friedrichshain, Prenzlauer Berg or another cozy Bezirk where the streets are littered with locations for brunch, breakfast or lunch. And do not hurry – in a city like Berlin, you have breakfast 24/7.

Brunch Buffet in Berlin?

Many restaurants offer buffet brunches, which means that for a set amount (usually around 8 to 10 euros) of money, you can eat at much as you want from the displayed buffet in the restaurant. The buffet-style is a cheap fix, in mostly overcrowded restaurants where you eat more than you want, and cannot indulge in the relaxed languid breakfast that ought to traditionally be combined with breakfasting and brunching in a city like Berlin. So, my  personal advice: stay away from the buffets. For the same price you can enjoy a proper brunch, in a more beautiful and friendly restaurant.

À la Carte Breakfast in Friedrichshain

Yes, I am a fan of the à la carte brunch and I do not enjoy breakfasting/ brunching the buffet way. Especially in Berlin. With this exact state of mind, I wandered the streets a few Sundays ago in the the most Wochenende Bezirk of all: Friedrichshain. I wanted classy, slightly posh and simply cosy, classic and à la carte for my brunch location. The night before had lasted traditionally long and with a tired and slightly post-intoxicated smile, we came across Kuchenrausch (Rush of Pie). I used to suspect this place is only interesting for their pies and cakes, but Kuchenrausch is actually a great breakfast restaurant too. Classy and German, the way I like it and with that attentive kind of extra service I enjoy.

We were hungry. Really, really hungry. That kind of hungry where you cannot even have a normal conversation anymore, but need to order (immediately!) and keep eyeing the waiters in an obsessed-kitten kind of way, drooling at the sight of other people’s meals.
Anyway, we were hungry. So we ordered an elaborate brunch. Kuchenrausch offers classic and traditional brunch and breakfast dishes, such as platters (of the basic, elaborate and luxury variety – in both cheese or meat types), egg dishes (with bread baskets includes) and simple combinations (croissants, jam, the likes). Freshly squeezed juice on the side, a nice cup of coffee and the proper awakening for the weekend can begin. Apart from these meals, you can also enjoy

Brunch at Kuchenrausch

We ordered a cheese and a meat platter and two dishes of omelet. One omelet with mushrooms and one with onions and tomatoes. And after an excruciating wait – which actually did not take long – we received our desired dishes. The cheese and meat platters came with luxurious bread baskets filled with bread and bread rolls in white, dark and wholegrain varieties. If you order an omelet without another dish that includes the bread basket, you will get bread to go with it as well. The cheese platter consisted of a large variety of cheese-y delicacies, ranging from Frischkäse (cream cheese) with dipp-able vegetables, slices of cheese (with cumin, paprika and traditional) and home-made strawberry jam. On the meat platter you can find Serrano Schinken (ham), pepper salami, chorizo and some normal ham – plus a bowl of jam. All complemented with creamy butter and fresh fruits.

Brunch was delicious. The cheese was yummy, the meat was fresh, the bread was nice and warm and the omelets were a fabulous addition to our platters. Afterwards we were so stuffed, we could only manage a cup of coffee and had no space for one of the tempting pieces of pie Kuchenrausch is so famous for. We will be back.

What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous?
•    Great atmosphere, a perfect and slightly luxurious for a languid Sunday brunch.
•    Delicious food, good traditional brunch dishes.
•    Friendly staff.
•    Decent prices. You won’t stuff yourself with brunch for 2 euros here, but with prices ranging from 5 to 10 euros for the elaborate brunch dishes, it is a safe place for your wallet.

What Makes This Restaurant Less Fabulous?
•    The fact that they have too many delicious pies on display. The temptation can at times be too much.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Kuchenrausch“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Simon-Dach-Straße 1 10245 Berlin [/googleMap]
Simon-Dach-Straße 1
10245 Berlin
030 55953855

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