Restaurant Sauvage in Neukölln: Eat Paleo Like Prehistoric Homo Sapiens

When I first heard of the concept being explored at the restaurant Sauvage, I could not believe my ears. Their website and folders advertise their food, bio Paleo-style. So what the hell is Paleo? Paleo food amounts to eating like our Prehistoric ancestors (in the Paleotological times) did. Apart from a restaurant-style, Paleo is also up and coming as a lifestyle and a way of dieting. When you are sticking to a Paleo-diet, you eat only authentic and close-to-nature food, free from any additives and non-natural supplements so present in our current day food lifestyle. When eating Paleo food, this does not mean you cannot indulge in meat or carbs – far from it.

Paleo Restaurant Sauvage

But, let’s look at the restaurant Sauvage. In one of Neukölln’s hip and still slightly secretive streets, you can find the small restaurant location of Sauvage. The name already hints to the slight posh and fashionable exclusivity you find behind its doors. With a rugged, typically Berlin-Neukölln deco, around ten small and a few bigger tables and some beautiful bits of art, Sauvage is a gorgeous spot for an elaborate meal. Their menu for dinner is small – with four different main courses and various appetizers, salads and daily dessert specials to choose from. The main courses generally consist of two meat dishes and two fish mains. Sauvage also offers a vegetarian option on every meal. Their menu changes very regularly and is based on seasonal ingredients.

Eating Bio and Paleo

As an appetizer we ordered wholegrain nibbles with a home-made pesto of rucola. The nibbles were reminiscent of dark bread with the texture of a crispy baked roll. A fairly fascinating appetizer of which I found the flavours too much – both bread as well as the pesto had very dominant flavours that did not seem to go together very well.

Afterwards, the daily mains during our visit were based on wild boar and pollack. We ordered a goulash with wild boar, a red wine sauce, grilled pumpkin – the second main consisted of pollack with a sauce of green cabbage and root-vegetable delicacies. All mains at Sauvage come with a large and tasty (and extremely fresh) salad. Portions are huge, to say the least, in proper Paleo caveman-style. The boar goulash was very tender, soft and basically melted in the mouth. The pollack, a white fish with more flavour to it than your average white filetted fish, was also huge – it looked like the entire actual fish was present on the plate.

After dinner, we were so absolutely full because of the huge portions (and a bottle of wine), we did not manage to explore the desserts. These change as often as the menu does, and consists of a collection of original takes on modern classics – such as a coconut crème brulée or home-made tarts.

What Is This Paleo Thing?

What makes the food at Sauvage have this typical ‚Paleo‘ hint to it, is a bit difficult to describe. Flavours are more authentic, you practically taste that someone just dragged the vegetables from their own garden, after personally shooting the boar you are enjoying. Flavours are more direct, dominant and simply very present – compared to your traditional pre-prepared food. Consequence: it fills you up mightily. Sauvage is a great place to go to if you want something particularly special, both food as well as atmosphere-wise.

What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Great, original concept.
  • Beautiful and authentic atmosphere.
  • Great and surprisingly interesting food.

What Makes This Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • It is quite pricey for Berlin standards with around €20,- a main. Use it wisely – for special occassions.

Where to go?

[googleMap name=“Sauvage“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Pflügerstraße 25 12047 Berlin[/googleMap]

Pflügerstraße 25
12047 Berlin
030 53167547

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  1. Gugelhof Berlin is the traditional German restaurant which we can find good dining.

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