Tagesbrot: Coffee and Breakfast Place in Kreuzberg

Sometimes you want to find a small, secluded and low-key place to shut yourself away in. With a little bit of wi-fi, a freshly baked bread roll and some strong and flavoursome coffee. Nothing too special or crazy, just a small moment of relaxation in Berlin’s busy and fast-paced life. Especially since autumn has introduced its cold chilly winds, beautifully coloured leaves and the promise of winter in the air. But finding those nice and special coffee and sit-down places can be a drab. Especially when you just want to go out and be there – instead of having to wander through the streets looking for a place that is just right.

Coffee and Breakfast in Berlin Kreuzberg

We have written on a variety of nice breakfast and lunch places in Berlin, but the majority of that selection is rather nice or special. The kinds of places you go to if you want to spend time with a special someone, a long-not-seen friend or just for some great food. But a low-key place for some personal space?

Tagesbrot, a small and functional little bread-and-coffee place in Berlin Kreuzberg, is exactly the kind of place you want if you want to have a quick(ish) seated down coffee with a pal, or if you want to dip your croissant in dark caffeine while reading through some work e-mails. Easy-going and located off the beaten path in a small side street off Kottbusser Damm.

Eating Breakfast at Tagesbrot

Tagesbrot has a couple of nice comfy armchairs that you can drown your sorrows in. You order at the till, get a nice strong coffee (or which way you want it) that you can complement with one of their ready-to-eat (and take-away) breads, or with a more elaborate breakfast/ lunch order. You can get your boiled or cooked eggs and some other traditional side orders to be expected with a breakfast meal. After which you can sit down in one of the nice and intimate seating corners and log on to the wifi or just browse through a few magazines or newspapers.

The coffee is nice and big, a good strong one to wake up with when Berlin has been calling all night. The bread products are fresh and for just a coffee and a croissant, Tagesbrot is a great place. It is basically what it’s own title already suggests: perfect stop for your daily bread.

Not a fancy place, but highly functional and well-suited for a brief coffee morning moment. Especially when you want to enjoy such a moment on your own, without having to sit in an overcrowded coffee shop or overly hyped brunch hot spot. Budget-proof prices and a great casual atmosphere.

What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous?

  • It is cosy, small and very functional (incl. WLAN).
  • Good coffee, fresh bread.
  • Low prices for a functional coffee-n-bread relax spot.

What Makes This Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • They offer basic breakfast and bread amenities. If you are looking for an extensive brunch location, I would recommend one of the many other options in Berlin.

Where To Go?

[googleMap name=“Tagesbrot“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Dieffenbachstrasse 52 10967 Berlin[/googleMap]

Dieffenbachstrasse 52
10967 Berlin
030-521 326

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