Volckswirtschaft Friedrichshain: Home-Made Bio German Food

On the Simon-Dach Straße you may not find too many surprising and special restaurants. Chain sushi restaurants, large Indian eateries and a lot of mainstream restaurant locations have started to inhabit one of Berlin’s most popular streets for sauntering. Thankfully, some corners of Friedrichshain have remained the same. On the Krossener Straße, a side street off Simon-Dach Straße, and opposite of hobnob highlight Cupcake, you can find Volckswirtschaft. You have to a look a bit though, as its rugged exterior may not show its wonders inside.

Volckswirtschaft Restaurant in Berlin

A creative cuisine based on bio-produce and food for the people, that is the concept behind Volckswirtschaft. Its interior is one of Berlin’s many home-made restaurant: a mixture between beautiful decoration, history and the wrath of time. Their ingredients are authentic and biological and their dishes are all home-cooked and prepared in their own kitchen. No artificial claptrap weaseling its way into this establishment. They do breakfasts, brunches (à la carte) and dinners. The furniture is an eclectic combination of random tables, chairs and grandmother’s lamps. The walls are painted a glowwy burgundy red and the main bar/ service station shows off the liquor, drinks and home-made muffins and pies.

We went to Volckswirtschaft to use the wi-fi, a rare goody in the so modern streets of Berlin. Therefore a perfect location to catch up on some much-needed work or research, while enjoying a bit or a drink. The menu at the little restaurant consist of a weekend and a daily (week) menu. One of the staff told us the menu and the food is generally more elaborate during the week, as the kitchen staff have more time to prepare. During weekends – obviously – it is a popular location filled with dining people. On our weekend day, the menu offered a various collection of salads, classical German dishes such as Spätzle (a creamy, egg-like pasta dish, generally enjoyed with onions and cheese) and some more exciting daily specials. That day, Volckswirtschaft had a sweet potato from the oven (kind of like an Ofenkartoffel, baked potato) with vegetarian chili con carne and cheese on the menu. Since I adore sweet potatoes, I immediately decided to order this dish.

Food at Volckswirtschaft

The food here is good. It is honest, biological and all home-made. My sweet potato was absolutely huge and scrumptiously flavoursome. The make-up of the plates, the decoration and potential poshness is simply not there. It is a real ‚bürgerliches‘ restaurant, without too much ado and useless frills. You get good food for good prices, and a pleasant atmosphere thrown in for free. It is said Volckswirtschaft does one of the best Spätzles in Berlin, and if you fancy eating something typically German, this is the place to give it a try! I am not a large fan of Spätzle, but theirs does taste yummy.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Good, authentic and real home-made food.
  • Every week and weekend new menus with completely different dishes. Classics remain in place, such as the Spätzle and salads.
  • Prices are very decent ranging from 7-13 euros for a main dish.

What Makes this Restaurant less Fabulous?

  • It is cosy and quaint, but not gorgeous or luxeriously beautiful. Low key.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Volckswirtschaft“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Krossener Straße 17 10245 Berlin[/googleMap]
Krossener Straße 17
10245 Berlin
030 69206861

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  1. I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s iprmsesing me! :)

  2. well-made typical homemade (organic) German food. service can range from warm and friendly to downright rude. Be aware.

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