Good Food in Berlin is home-made, home-cooked and very independent. You cannot buy a review on – but you can invite us to your restaurant or establishment. Opinions however, are not for sale. We aim at describing a culinary experience in their context and do not simply remark on possible failures in the kitchen. Friendliness, prettiness and yumminess are what eating out revolves around. So: restaurants are allowed and even welcome to invite us to their establishment, but we never write lies. We document our own experiences. And as an independent endeavour, we are always open to cooperations with other Berlin-based website. So, if you need or want to get in touch with us, send us an e-mail.


The pictures, designs and illustrations used on this website are all our own and are in no way allowed to be reproduced on other websites without our own consent. We have a few creative commons license-free pictures left in some of our old posts, but we will be fazing these out slowly.  Our own pictures and designs (logo, header, illustrations) are in no way allowed to be reproduced, unless we supply you with the data after having communicated about the subject explicitly. Trespassers will be prosecuted. Send an e-mail to info(at) if you would like to use or cooperate with anything from our website.


All text on this website is our own creative copyrighted property. Do not steel or copy any of it. We have written all our own stories and all experiences experienced are our own. If you would like to use parts of any of our contents, just get in touch via info(at) and you will receive a reply within a couple of hours.

Goal and Participate

Good Food In Berlin aims at writing fun, light-hearted and informative reviews on restaurants, bars and other food and drink locations in Berlin. Our blog is personal and it will always remain personal. We can personally check out your favourite restaurant (or even your own restaurant), but our reviews are all about the food experience, and not just about proper culinary rules and demands. Of course, we aim at eating actual good food. If you have some ideas of your own, join our Facebook page or send us a tweet via Twitter, and we will put the restaurant of your choice on our list.


Good Food In Berlin may use Google Analytics software from time to time, which means that your browser will use yummy cookies to save some of your internet info. Nothing scary to be afraid of, but just so that you are well-informed from now on. We all like cookies, don’t we? And we recommend using Firefox or Chrome as your browser. Stay away from Internet Explorer please, it is not the safest of internet browsers.

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