Amran Berlin: Ordering in Indian Food

Stepping away from Asian food for one evening, I was working in my kitchen one lonesome Wednesday night. Lots of work to do, but also lots of hunger to be had. I briefly pondered the option of running to the McDonalds on the Schönhauser Allee, but shook my head in disgust. No more bad fast food for me. Ever since my experience with Joey’s, I had not continued my newfound queste of ordering in. That Wednesday, however, my brain wanted to order food.

Ordering Indian Food in Berlin

My brain was also a lot more specific about the food it wanted to order: Indian food. Luscious images of curry, chapati, naan and mango chutney dragged themselves before my mind’s eye. I had not eaten any nice Indian food for a while, even though I love dipping warm fresh garlic naan into a creamy curry sauce. And even though I do eat at the W-Imbiss regularly, where Indian cuisine is combined with fresh ideas and combinations, I have missed old-school Indian curry.  The process of ordering I will skip for this blog (anyone new to the ordering food in Berlin scene can check it out here) and go directly to the food. I ordered food at Amran, an Indian restaurant on the Danziger Straße where I have never been. Judging from its website and marketing information, they are mainly a delivery service oriented restaurant. Therefore I would not recommend checking out the actual restaurant, but just use it for a nice lazy order in evening, when the time comes. Amran offers delicious appetizers (samosas, fried pouches filled with chickpeas and a scrumptious dip), fresh cucumber and yoghurt raita dips (in very large portions) and absolutely flavoursome main dishes.

Amran: the Food

The downside to ordering food is that you get your potentially great food in plastic, cardboard or aluminium wrappers and bags that will make you feel like a bum. Always – in order to get rid of the not-feeling-fabulous – get your ordered food out of the boxes or wrappers it came in and put it on your own pretty plates or bowls. It will make a difference.

My first order at Amran was a spicy Panir Jhlaipuri curry, consisting of home-made cream cheese and various vegetables and garlic. As side orders I got garlic naan and chapati, two of the most delectable kinds of bread and great for dipping into your curry. The food was absolutely great. The naan and chapati were the best I ever had and the curry was spicy and fresh. My second order a couple of days later  (because yes, ordering in can be addictive) was a milder version of my first curry choice, a Shahi Panir. This included the same cream cheese in a creamy curry with almonds and raisins. A couple of years later, I always order the cream cheese with the soft sweet sauce. Sometimes with a lot of side-orders, such as the raita or the samonas. But always with chapati bread and mango chutney. I have found my delivery desire.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous:

  • The food. It it simply the greatest Indian food that I have ever tasted in Berlin.

What makes this location less fabulous:

  • The prices. It is the cheapest Indian food location in the area, but the prices are still not the most budget of kinds. For a complete meal (curry, incl. naan, chapati and mango chutney) you quickly end up paying around 12 euros. Which is actually not so bad.

Where to Go?

  • Log in online and use any delivery service portal, or go directly to – it does not affect the prices.

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