Italian Food in Schöneberg: Trattoria Belmonte

I used to have this silly thing with Italian restaurants and going out to dinner in them. I would always try to shy away from Italian places, fearing boring pizzas and flavourless pasta dishes. And even though such places still exist, fabulous Italian restaurants in Berlin have taught me well. After the cosy and authentic Giorgio and the conceptually exciting Lavanderia Vecchia, I am officially hooked.

Italian Restaurant in Berlin Schöneberg: Belmonte

Another great little Italian restaurant is to be found in Schöneberg, in between the Bülowstraße and the Kleistpark. Belmonte is classy, posh, yet sleek and not decorated with frustrating or over-the-top frills. It has a clean and beautiful atmosphere and the staff is friendly and authentically Italian. It is one of those semi-fancy Italian mini-restaurants that you tend to look for, but never find. And even though Belmonte does not look like much from the outside, the inside is all the more interesting. A romantic and intimate place for dining with a special someone, or impressing business acquaintances – or parents the like.

Schöneberg is also one of my favourite corners in Berlin that you should not leave to be undiscovered. In the many side-streets along the Barbarossaplatz there are many small and authentic restaurants and eateries that are more than worth a visit. Belmonte is one of these restaurants; generally a spot you would not normally stumble unto. Well, that is what this article is for.

Eating Good Italian Food in Berlin

With small wooden tables, large wine-racks and cleanly laid linen,  dinner could only be off to a good start. Like any self-respecting Italian, Belmonte has a decent wine menu with some proper wines for decent prices – drinkable per glass as well as the entire bottle.

The food menu consists of a consequent à la carte menu (with pizzas, a little bit of pasta) and a daily special menu. This latter menu is what you should be focused on: this is where the real specials and delights can be found. For an appetizer we chose an Italian classic: the mozzarella with rucola, cherry tomatoes, serranoham and pine nuts. The salad-esque appetizer was flavoursome and a delight to eat, with properly flavoured mozzarella and a good side of salad. Afterwards, we had home-made (fresh!) ravioli with boar, apple and sage. Oh, how I passionately adore authentic and self-made pasta, especially with delicious stuffing. Belmonte has good pasta down to a tee. This is the Italian stuff that I love so much, where I cringed from orgasmic flavor explosions at the Weinerei and where another Italian hot spot in Schöneberg made me enjoy life again.

Belmonte: a great Italian little restaurant for intimate dining and if you fancy some real good Italian food.

What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Classy, subtle decoration.
  • Relaxed and intimate atmosphere with friendly and attentive (Italian) staff.
  • Great, home-made food. Try the daily specials!

What Makes This Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • It is is residential Schöneberg, therefore the prices are slightly higher than in slummin’ East-Berlin. Nevertheless very decent and budgetproof foods. Pasta’s range from 6-10 euros. You can budget and indulge here as much as you want.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Trattoria Belmonte“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Schwäbische Straße 5 10781 Berlin[/googleMap]

Trattoria Belmonte
Schwäbische Straße 5
10781 Berlin
030 – 2 111 990

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