Lavanderia Vecchia: Italian Cuisine in Berlin

More than a specific cuisine, I like cool concepts of dining. We tried Pret a Diner, we have been up for some supper club dining and we even ventured outside of Berlin to look for nice places for food. However, most restaurants will remain conventional classical restaurants, but thankfully Berlin is a very exciting place with lots of opportunities for people with great ideas. One of these fabulous ideas is the backyard (Hinterhof) restaurant Lavanderia Vecchia – Italian for the old laundrette. If you want to visit this place, you will have to enter through a hidden entrance and walk all the way into the third Hinterhof before you can see a spacious but relatively small restaurant in the corner.

Italian Food in Berlin
Maybe I have not written enough on Italian food in Berlin, but this little laundry-esque restaurant had already impressed me upon entering. The space still looks like an old laundry place and reminders of washing machines and lots of table cloths ‚hung out to dry‘ will not even allow you to forget the location’s old purpose. The kitchen is essentially completely open and you can witness the cooks prepare your dishes, as the tables are seated in the same space as the kitchen, bar and the reception.

When you enter here, you can immediately choose from today’s food menu at the small reception. The menu consists of two appetizers, two main courses and a dessert. You can mix and match it into a menu for 8 euros or choose one main dish (4,50 to 6,50), appetizer or dessert (2,50-to 4 euros). Each day will bring you new dishes from the kitchen, but the drinks (wines, prosecco, juices and coffee) will be on offer every day.

Out of a ten people staff, six are authentic Italians and the couple owning the restaurant are said to spend more time in Italy than in Berlin. The atmosphere in this place is really very homely and relaxed: you feel at home and you also feel the passion for the restaurant and it food. Very friendly hosts and accomodating staff.

The Food at Lavanderia Vecchia

Our menu during the day of visiting was a onion soup with a Käsestange, a salad with grilled pork and baked potatoes, a tuna spaghetti, a classical mixed salad and a dessert of panna cotta and apricot. The dessert was immediately decided upon: the panna cotta was to be had. I chose for the soup, whereas my lunch companion chose the pork.

The rucola salad with grilled pork, tomatoes and potatoes looked absolutely scrumptious and gorgeous and tasted fabulous. The portion was not too large, though, which has to be said. We wanted more.

My onion soup was actually quite a lot and very flavoursome. Simply a subtle, yet good onion soup. And the home-made Käsestange did not hurt either. Not to forget that we also received a healthy portion of (what looked like) home-made bread. But my favourite part of the meal was of course the dessert. A great panna cotta with slightly sour sweet apricot yelly, all home-made. The texture of the panna cotta was perfect and I could not help but pout after finishing my little glass with dessert delight.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Basically, almost everything.  I love the concept, enjoyed the food, fabulous atmosphere and decent prices to boot!
  • For less than 10 euros you can enjoy an elaborate lunch here and feel like your worries will get washed away.

What Makes this Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • The food is good, but it is not extremely posh or haute cuisine. Simple, yet good and home-made Italian food.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Lavanderia Vecchia“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Flughafenstraße 46 12053 Berlin[/googleMap]
Lavanderia Vecchia
Flughafenstraße 46
12053 Berlin
030 62722152

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