Vapiano in Berlin: Italian Food Goes Pizza and Pasta 2.0

I am not a big fan of restaurant chains, nor am I a big fan of eating Italian food in restaurants. Pasta I can just as easily prepare at home and when it comes to pizza’s, I tend to prefer Dr. Oekter’s Ristorante over a restaurant pizza. I know, call me crazy.

It was a crazy situation indeed when I found myself venture into the Italian chain restaurant Vapiano, which you can discover in various different locations in Berlin. There is one restaurant situated right on the Potsdamer Platz, one on Friedrichstraße and the one I went to was am Zoo, close to the Gedächtniskirche. I was together with a friend, and we had just attempted a small shopping spree on Kudamm, after which we simply wanted a drink without having to go too far. Because of that, we stumbled into Vapiano.

However, like many similar evenings: we came for a drink and went out with a complete dinner and dessert. It is  one of the curses of restaurants, where you are continuously confronted by the delicious food other people around you are ordering. It does something to your brain and makes you desire food like never before. And it definitely did something to my brain, because I decided to go for a Pasta Carbonara. Again, something that I would never be inclined to order (I’m just not that into pork).

DIY budget pasta at vapianoFancy fussili, farfalle oder penne tonight?

But Vapiano is different. The restaurants are large, offering various comfortable chairs and corners, supplemented by large wooden tables with dozens of basil plants everywhere. When you enter, they give you your personal magnetic card which you can use at the bar for drinks and desserts or the kitchen for food. The whole ‚thing‘ about Vapiano’s is that you can basically pick and choose exactly what you want and how you like it. You can pick the herbs, the cheese, the vegetables and even the kind of pasta that you want in your meal. It is real do-it-yourself food. The pizza’s on offer you can therefore make into your own perfect pizza dream. Or go all healthy or extra meaty on your pasta or salad. And the best thing about it: it is very afforable. A nice pasta you can get for around five euros or a great and fresh salad starts at zeven euros. Therefore many of Vapiano’s customers are business people or working men that pop into the restaurant after a long, hard day of work. Even considering the fact that I am not a big fan of Italian food, this really is a great place if you’re into that kind of food. If you are prepared to enter a global chain restaurant.

What makes this restaurant fabulous:

  • You can personalise the food to fit your every whim. All ingredients are fresh.
  • The deco of fresh herbs (basil, rosemary and more) on all tables is very cool.
  • The prices are very decent. You can eat a nice meal here for five euros (excl. drinks and desserts).

What makes this restaurant less fabulous:

  • Big, global chain restaurant. I prefer supporting the small independent restaurants a lot more.
  • It can be stuffed with customers, together with standing in line for your food, giving it a bit of a posh-Italian-McDonalds feel.

Where to go?

[googleMap name=“Vapiano Berlin (1)“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Joachimstaler Straße 33 10719 Berlin[/googleMap]

Joachimstaler Straße 33
10719 Berlin
030 8871-4195

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