Bar Raval in Berlin Kreuzberg: Eating at Daniel Brühl’s

Berlin is known for its promi hot spots and fashionable visitors. Not irregularly one can spot great German (or international) famous faces amidst the masses of Berlin-loving locals. One of the greatest German actors that we have a personal weak spot for, ever since his charming burp in the nostalgic Goodbye Lenin!, is Daniel Brühl. With his boyish good looks and charming smile, he could probably wink us out of our clothes in no time. But: we write about food. And Daniel happens to own a restaurant in Berlin Kreuzberg, a tapas place called Bar Raval. With flushed cheeks and highly dressed up oufits, we found it time to pay a visit to this foodie Brühl location.

Tapas at Bar Raval

Bar Raval is located on the corner of the Lübbener Straße, in the middle of the lively Schlesisches Tor-meets Görli-Kiez in Kreuzberg, squashed between Kottbusser Tor and the Warschauer Straße. The deco in Bar Raval is very modern and trendy, styled into a nice sense of cosiness by its rugged wooden furniture. When you enter here, you will notice immediately this is not one of Berlin’s many budget proof and student-friendly eateries. The people filling up the tables (because yes: it is mostly fully booked here) are of a more mature and corporate kind, with well-stocked wallets and serious conversations to boot. Not the kind of restaurant you will be disturbed in by large groups of boisterous youngsters.

The menu at Bar Raval is a tapas menu. It sports a classical selection of tapas and you can mix and match yourself, or choose one of the few platters that include a wide variety of the tapas offered on the menu. We chose a platter and added some of our personal favourites. I missed the dates wrapped snugly in a blanket of bacon, but I settled on some Spanish tortilla, meatballs in tomatosauce, calamares and more.

The tapas were properly sized: not too little nor too large for our party. The best thing about the food was it is authenticity and subtlety. For example: calamares. Most tapas places will bring you double or triple fried fatty rings of squid flesh that will have lost all of their juiciness and flavour. Not at Bar Raval. Here you get actual flavoursome calamares, with a subtle crunch and bite to its texture. Great stuff. The rest of the tapas were well-prepared, but not mind-blowing of nature. The tapas on Bar Raval’s menu do offer a few interesting choices that give their food an extra edge.

But the best part were the desserts. Avid readers will know I am an absolute sucker for the sweet Nachspeise after every meal. Bar Raval has a few highly interesting choice in the dessert department. For one: crema catalana, a personal Spanish dessert favourite of mine. This dessert is similar to crème brulée, but with a softer and more frothy creme filling. The other seducative dessert was basically a chocolate soufflé. Which we also thankfully ordered.


What makes this restaurant fabulous?

  • Good authentic tapas and fab desserts
  • Great and classy-meets-lässig atmosphere
  • Perfect for an intimate dinner


What makes this restaurant less fabulous?

  • Prices are not budget proof in Berlin, but still very afforable
Slightly posh and yuppy-esque tapas eatery with good tapas.
Bar Raval
Date Published: 07/26/2012
Good food, slightly upscale prices, great atmosphere and trendy professionals galore.
3.5 / 5 stars

Where to Go?
Bar Raval
Lübbener Straße 1
10997 Berlin
030 5316-7954


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