Tapas in Neukölln: Maria Mulata

In the midst of snowy evenings and chilly winterdays, and after all those christmas markets in Berlin, it is time to move on to the warmer corners of the world. After weeks of mind-numbing chills, maybe you too feel like it is time for some warm and cuddly foods in a comfortable and sweet environment. After sad times and heartbreaks, only good foods and even better restaurants will make the chilly dark thoughts disappear. Since we like tapas, our first holy destination was found in a small tapas restaurant in Neukölln – and who doesn’t like tapas? You can choose exactly the kind of mini dish that you want to be consuming and enjoying  and you can mix and match as much as you want.

Eating Tapas in Berlin Neukölln

In Neukölln, on a sidestreet off the well-known Sonnenallee (walkable from Hermannplatz), there lies the small and personal little tapas place called Maria Mulata. Run by a couple of passionate tapas-lovers, you feel the vibe of home-made authenticity seep into your pores from the moment you enter. The restaurant is a combination of sleek design mixed with a homely family kitchen. The main colour is white, but without it being cold or boring. One of the restaurant’s main features is a large bar, on the left of the square space.

Maria Mulata has a nice menu with some of the most popular and well-known tapas, ranging from calamares, spanish tortilla, chorizo all the way to olives, dates wrapped in a bacon cover and squid salad. But the interesting thing to their menu is that Maria Mulata does not merely serve classical Spanish tapas, but has also imported some of the juiciest South-American tapas. My personal favourite of the evening was fried maniok with three different dips – a great and original tapas dish. And the best feature of it all: the budget proof-ness of it all. Since Neukölln is not as pricey as Mitte yet, and most locals simply expect low prices, you can enjoy an elaborate tapas meal at Maria Mulata for a lot less than twenty euros. And do not forget they do some very nice wines to drink with your tapas collection.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Great tapas, all freshly prepared on location. Interesting menu with some refreshing tapas up for choice.
  • Budget proof, great acceptable prices.
  • Homey and comfortable atmosphere.

What Makes this Restaurant less Fabulous?

  • It is cute and pretty, but also very casual. Not a place to go for a business meeting or official dinner.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Maria Mulata“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Wildenbruchstraße 88 12045 Berlin[/googleMap]

Maria Mulata
Wildenbruchstraße 88
12045 Berlin

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2 Kommentare auf “Tapas in Neukölln: Maria Mulata

  1. terrible place,

    I mean amazingly bad ….

    Seriously it was as if my first flat mate had tried to prepare some spanish food for me in the halls of residence at college. And no, that person was not spanish, just some wannabe jerk with no talent for cooking what soever.

    Student food, but at average price. That’s not the deal most people go for.

    It mostly tasted like it had been scooped out of a tin.

    When you come in, you get a good impression because the atmosphere is nice and the interior cozy. But the food is as bland as Margaret Thatcher in a white T-shirt on a rainy day. I’m sorry, but whoever owns this place should really consider hiring a better cook. Most people couldn’t manage to achieve such depths, even if they were English and really tried… Keep the interior, give the cook a last farewell. Summer’s on its way, he’ll find something else to do.

  2. We had some bad tapas in our time, but this place was really enjoyable. Well, at least on the night we were there… Which tapas did you get that they were so bad?

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