Afghan Restaurant Chraazan in Schöneberg

Maybe we do not always end up eating in the most exciting restaurants that Berlin has to offer us. We adore sushi and preemptively tend to choose familiar yet fresh eateries that we either have partially experienced or heard from before. But thankfully sometimes we get really cool and out of the ordinary tips and recommendations  and we are ushered into new and exciting places. A couple of weeks ago we were taken to a very unusual restaurant in the dark and enticing snowy depths of Schöneberg, around the picturesque Viktoria-Luise Platz. Maybe not a place where you would normally hang out if you are one of Berlin’s typical Mitte’esque fashionistas. Nevertheless, I personally adore Schöneberg and would stress anyone in Berlin for a short or a long haul to definitely put on their walking boots and take to loving and visiting Schöneberg.

Eating Afghan Food in Berlin

But back to the food: we struggled our way down the Bamberger Straße to find a small and subtle restaurant called Chraazan. Initially it may remind you of a thirteen-in-a-dozen Turkish eatery – but do not let yourself be deceived. Behind the facade of  an average-looking restaurant there hides an surprisingly authentic Afghan dining facility. We actually got our recommendation from a young man originally from Afghanistan, as he had been absolutely raving about the place. So it goes without saying, we were very curious.

Chraazan has the allure of smallness, which wafts over your Rudolph-ish winter nose upon entering.  It is, however, not that small at all, it is merely the dominant  home-like atmosphere that will immediately make you feel at home. It is not an over the top profesionally decorated restaurant like many of Berlin’s fashionable hot spots, but do not let that scare you away. Chraazan is real, authentic and its staff is sweet, sincere and friendly. We enjoyed the luxury of sitting in the boudoir-ish harem-esque corner where taking off your shoes is only the first part of an adventurous journey. Snuggled comfortably on couch-reminiscent pillows, we splendidly sipped our glasses of wine – or try some of the special Afghan tea infused with kardamom. Chraazan carries a surprisingly large menu with dozens of appetizers and more than thirty mail dishes. Guided through the long list of scrumptious meals by our recommendation man, I chose the sweet yellow rice (with almonds, pistachios and orange zest) with a turkey dish flavoured with masala. As appetizers, we all shared a collection of authentic Afghan dumplings, filled with a variety of delicacies (potatoe, peas and onions). The nibbles were delicious and although not too different from something found in an Asian cuisine – managed to surprise us. And the main meal – even though I was not too hungry – was so flavoursome I had to eat it all. The sweet yellow rice was subtly sweetened with the bits of almonds without being to overbearing and the sumptuous bits of turkey were soft and still rich in their typically turkey texture. All in all: a great meal.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • The food is mind-blowing, delicious, original and authentic.
  • The staff and the atmosphere is relaxed and very friendly.
  • The prices are fabulously budget proof, one person can dine and drink for less than twenty euros.

What Makes this Restaurant less Fabulous?

  • Well, if you are looking for a posh or gorgeously luxerious restaurant, maybe Chraazan is not the kind of place where you want to go.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Chraazan“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Bamberger Straße 49 10779 Berlin[/googleMap]

Bamberger Straße 49
10779 Berlin
030 65708560

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2 Kommentare auf “Afghan Restaurant Chraazan in Schöneberg

  1. I discovered this restaurant last year, since it is nearby where I live.
    Unfortunately, last week when I passed by, I noticed there was a note on the window of the restaurant. The note said, that an Indian restaurant will be opened here within the next weeks.

    I don’t know if Chraazan moved, or if they closed…

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