Hasir Turkish Restaurant: Berlin Kreuzberg

Let me start off with getting something off my chest. I love and adore Turkish food. Yes – not just döner. I mean real Turkish food. Delicious bread products, cous cous, rices, meats, yoghurts, herbs, sauces and much much more. The most predominant „Turkish“ food in Berlin is the döner. You can enjoy a really good döner (personal recommendation: the chicken döner place on Hackescher Markt next to the Edeka supermarket does really good döner and dürum), but mostly the döner will suck. But I am not going to write a review on döner foods. Because I like restaurants. Sitting down, relaxing, unwinding and languidly picking and choosing the dishes of one’s desire, that is what makes having dinner so nice. And more than a year ago, a friend of mine took me to a very nice Turkish place on the Maaßenstraße in Schöneberg, around the corner from the Nollendorfplatz. By accident I ended up in another Hasir restaurant on Kottbusser Tor in Kreuzberg – and this time, I documented the experience.

Hasir Turkish Food

Hasir has grown into a small local chain of four restaurants. Where it all started off was started on Kottbusser Tor. This original restaurant features a large stove where they grill the meats and offers around ten to fifteen tables to its peckish customers. Hasir is the kind of restaurant that offers a relatively quick bite, in a comfortable and nice atmosphere. The restaurant is pretty and cosy and shows off its homely deco with dozens and dozens of pictures on the yellow walls. Tables and chairs are made out of dark wood and the staff is very accomodating and friendly. They know the place and they know the food.

My lunch companion recommended a „Fleckensoup“ (literally translated: spotted soup), which consist of pieces of stomach. Personally, I cannot stand pieces of unidentifiable meats in my soup, so I chose to merely taste the broth and photograph the delicacy. It was interestingly salty and did not taste bad – except for the quite overbearing meatiness. If you like meat, this may be your cup of tea. For a main lunch I chose a classical dish, a grilled stick of beef with some fine herbs, vegetables and bread on the side. The traditional and typical meat one thinks about when reminded of the Turkish cuisine. Of course there is much much more nice stuff to enjoy, but sadly I can only manage one dish during lunch.

But the best is yet to come. It is no surprise to any regular readers that I passionately adore desserts. Suitable sweetness finishes off an otherwise half-arsed meal for me. Hasir offers five to six desserts, all of them described in a similarly generic way. If you are part or whole-heartedly Turkish, you may know these dishes, but to me a „Turkish dessert“ and a „Turkish pudding“ sound similarly non-descript. But with a bit of help of our very friendly waiter, I decided to go for the Turkish pudding. He promised I would love it. Oh, and how I did! The base of the pudding was a thick, custard-esque cream with cinnamon on top. It was sweet, but not in an overpowering way and very dairy-like and fresh. Absolutely fantastic dessert.

What Makes this Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Some real good Turkish food.
  • Nice decoration, comfortable atmosphere and friendly staff will make you feel right at home.
  • The Turkish pudding – you have to give this a try!

What Makes this Restaurant less Fabulous?

  • It is actually relatively expensive for a restaurant in Kreuzberg. A main dish with meat will cost you around ten euros. Fine for dinner, maybe a bit pricey for lunch.

Where to Go?

[googleMap name=“Hasir“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Adalbertstraße 10 10999 Berlin[/googleMap]

Adalbertstraße 10
10999 Berlin
030 6142373

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