Cook Good Food In Berlin: Turkey, Peach & Rucola Salad

As a so-called expat in Berlin, I have had some difficulties with adjusting to food shopping in the city – especially considering what you can get in German supermarkets. I missed my Albert Heijn, my (afforable) fresh ingredients and some of the most basic things to cooking had suddenly disappeared from my kitchen life. I was sad, depressed and I was not into cooking at all anymore. Maybe that has lead to the existance of this blog…

However, since then, two years have passed and sometimes I get even too lazy to go to a restaurant, I like cooking food at home. You can make it as healthy, easy, big or fatty as you want. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was coming over for a nice Friday evening. Me cooking him dinner, a nice bottle of wine, an evening walk – all of it was included. But since the weather was so hot – what could I prepare without dying? With the help of my best friend I came up with a very refreshing and flavoursome salad that made a great impression on both me and my friend that night. It is a sweet & spicy salad with turkey, peaches and rucola.

I shop at Kaiser’s and Rewe, mainstream German supermarkets. All of the ingredients you can get here. None of the ingredients are expensive or difficult to get.

What do we need?

  • Two pieces of turkey breast (or you could choose chicken, but I would recommend the turkey – healthier too!)
  • Rucola salad (one bag)
  • Another type of lettuce (Feldsalat, or a mix)
  • One can of peaches (or fresh peaches, if you prefer)
  • Red onions (at least one)
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • Some peach ‚juice‘ (if you go with the canned peaches, the juice is included)
  • Anything to spice your turkey up (I used chili, garlic, tabasco and the usual suspects salt & pepper – you can variate with this, but you really want spicey turkey bits! They will swim in an ocean of salad, so their flavour needs to stand out!)

How long will it take?

As long as it will take you to marinate and grill the turkey. Easy-peasy – 10 minutes at most.

So, what happens next?

Another great variation: with peach and walnuts

I came home after work, all tired and sweaty – yet I knew I still had the task of preparing an elaborate dinner resting on my poor, salty shoulders. So I got to work immediately. The only preparation you need with this meal is to marinate the bits of turkey properly. You cut them up in little bits so that they can be grilled easily and so that the flavour of the spicy marinade gets into the meat more quickly. If you really want a good flavour, do this a couple of hours in advance and then leave the bowl with the turkey to chill in the fridge. If not, fifteen minutes will do.

Mix your spices – salt, pepper, chili, garlic and 3 to 8 drops of tabasco (depending the desired spicyness) with some olive oil (I actually use hazelnut oil, which is evern more healthier and yet more flavoursome than olive oil) for your marinating process. Check it out, taste it. If it’s hot and spicy: that’s good! Pour it over your bits of turkey, mix the whole bunch and let it chill in the fridge while you get to work on the salad itself.

Cut or wrip the pieces of rucola and mix salad into a big bowl. I always like shredding the salad, since it will make the consumption of the food later on a lot easier. Plus, sometimes you get a lot of sticks and endings to a rucola salad in Germany, so I like to get rid of those.

Cut the red onion into small rings or small pieces. Mix it in with the salad.

Cut the peaches into small bits. Save the juice. Mix the pieces of peach in with the salad.

Mix some of the juice together with some balsamic vinegar. It is an easy mix, but tastes superb with this salad. You can also add some chili and garlic to the mix.

Now, grill the turkey bits. I use a grill, because it so easy and makes the meat nice and crunchy. If you do not have a grill, you can use a normal frying pan. Just make sure your turkey is well-done and crunchy – and that you do not take any of the fat into the salad. Take the pieces of turkey out after grilling/ frying, and if necessary cut them up a bit more – so that there is lots of little turkey bits to go into the salad.

Finally, sprinkle the turkey over your salad and finish it off with some of the peach-balsamic dressing. Keep some on the table in case your guest prefers some more. I would also recommend cooling the whole salad off in the fridge – but in case you prefer your meat warm: this is the time to start enjoying the salad!

Source picture: kochtopf. Own proof of salad will follow soon!

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