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Since I generally go out to eat sushi most of the time in Berlin, I have not been able to explore the various options of sushi ordering too much. (I mean: why order in when for the same price, you can enjoy it outdoors and have a funky experience to boot?) Well, sometimes one does need that lazy Sunday night on the couch, for which ordering sushi is absolutely perfect. One of my recent discoveries is an actually real good place for sushi, with budget-proof and wallet-friendly prices and a very nice menu to choose from. Apart from Yuuka sushi in Prenzlauer Berg, I had never before found such potential in ordering sushi in Berlin.

Sushi-ordering in Berlin

Sushi for you is a sushi ordering service that is usable from any area in Berlin somehow close to its center – ranging from Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg to Friedrichshain. Regardless of the online portal you choose to order from, Sushi 4 you has a respectable menu you can choose from. Classic sets of maki sushi, slightly more exciting inside-out rolls – and all the way up to tempura rolls and special sets. Now, the key to orderering here is to order one of their big menus. They are very affordable and offer a fabulous and varied collection of the best types of sushi. Especially when ordering for at least two people, you should not even considering ordering anything else.

Since I was feeling particularly lazy as well as hungry, I chose to order the luxury Takashi menu with no less than 28 pieces of sushi. This menu includes a nice selection of tempura (slightly fried) rolls, classical inside out rolls (two varieties), vegetarian avocado maki, special rolls with salmon and more. For around 13 to 14 euros you can order one of these menus, with some quite luxurious sushi rolls. Most menus include only basic sushi, which I find always disappointing and this is exactly where Sushi for you managed to positively surprise me.

For two people, a menu with 28 to 30 pieces is just right.

Eating Sushi for you sushi in Berlin

One remark has to be made about Sushi for you: they may take their time and getting the sushi to you. If you are unsure or they are taking too long, make sure to give them a call. The quality of the sushi however is really good. Great even, for a takeway and ordering sushi kind of place. Like I mentioned before, I have not really found any really good place where I can order sushi and that is why I generally tend to stick to the ‘proper’ sushi restaurants that I am actually physically sitting in.
The menus from Sushi for you however, are a great alternative to going out if you are in need of some home-delivered comfort food. Great prices, good, fresh and varied sushi. Especially great if you like some fancy-schmancy sushi in your menu and suitable for romantic sushi dinners from the comfort zone of your own couch.

What Makes This Restaurant Fabulous?

  • Good quality sushi.
  • Elaborate selection of order-able sushi.
  • Great budget-proof prices.

What Makes This Restaurant Less Fabulous?

  • Sometimes they may forget your order. Give them a ring, you may very well get a discount out of it.

Where To Go?
Online. You can order straight for their own website (www.sushi-for-you.de), of use one of the larger ordering platforms such as pizza.de.

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