Steel Shark in Neukölln: South Berlin’s Best Sushi

I know I may call a lot of sushi places or restaurant ‚the best‘ or ‚the most fabulous‘, but there simply is a lot of great sushi going around in Berlin. And today, I would like to point out another fantastic producer of sushi in Germany’s capital. Steel Shark is a small mini-chain of sushi shops with two locations in Berlin. One of them you find in the popular tourist hot spot the Nicolai Viertel – a couple of small streets with nice historical atmosphere and shops – on walking distance from the Alexanderplatz with its Fernsehturm. The second location is on the busy Karl Marx Straße in Neukölln. Both restaurants are tiny, small shops where you can sit yourself down or order take-away sushi from.

budget sushi neukölln
Mango, rucola and salmon inside-outs @ Steel Shark

Unbelievably cheap sushi

The best and most fabulous feature of Steel Shark is their price. This must be one of the most affordably budget sushi restaurants in Berlin – obviously because it is not really a restaurant in the proper meaning of the word. You should not take your parents, family or date to Steel Shark. But if you have a sushi-loving friend that does not need a big, bustling location with dozens of other customers, this is your sushi laden. The Neukölln restaurant probably seats around 8 people tops and the restaurant in the Nicolai viertel has a couple of tall bar-like tables where you can seat yourself. I would recommend ordering, unless you pop in for a brief lunch.

Mango salad with prawns

Unbelievably scrumptious sushi

But that is not all. Not only is Steel Shark very, very nicely priced – the sushi is also amazing. They have quite an extensive variety of the most interesting and original sushi combinations. For example, they do sushi ‚Italian‘ style, with tomatoes, mozzarella and other ‚typical‘ Italian ingredients. And sspecially their ’simple‘ maki’s (which you can get for a mere 1 euro and eighty cents) with rucola, prunes and cream cheese or mango, rucola and salmon – are fantastically amazing. Definitely worth a try, you will not be disappointed!

And not only is their sushi flavoursome, original and cheap – other great recommendations include their fresh and filled wan-tan soup (which costs only 3 euros), the fresh spring rolls (they are huge!) and their salads. We tried  the mango-prawn-herb salad, which was also big and absolutely mind-blowing.

What makes this restaurant fabulous?

  • The food, the food, the food. Fingerlicking fab.
  • The prices. One of the cheapest sushi sources in Berlin.

What makes this restaurant less fabulous?

  • The fact that it is not really a restaurant for languid dinners, but a place for a quick bite or ordering/ picking up sushi.

Update (March 2011): sadly, the prices of sushi have gone up at Steel Shark.

Where to go?

[googleMap name=“Steel Shark (Neukölln)“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Karl-Marx-Straße 13 12043 Berlin[/googleMap]

Steel Shark
Karl-Marx-Straße 13
12043 Berlin
030 – 25 76 24 61
Steel Shark website (for ordering online)

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5 Kommentare auf “Steel Shark in Neukölln: South Berlin’s Best Sushi

  1. i just went there…it s ugly, no , not ugly , taste of nothing, and the soya sauce is so strong that u don t feel anyother taste…the problem is that without soya taste of nothing and i wasn t able to feel the difference between different kind of maki..
    maybe good price, but there is a reason!

    dont go there

  2. I still order from Steel Shark and do really like the sushi. But it’s unfortunate you had a bad experience – did you go to the location in Neukölln or in Mitte?
    And since I rarely – if ever – use soy sauce with my sushi, I wouldn’t know about that.

  3. Waited 2h and they delivered two of the 8 dishes we ordered! And this was not the first time we waited for ever.

    Zwei Stunden Wartezeit! Und es wurden nur 2 der bestellten 8 Gerichte gelifert! Leider war das nicht das erste mal, das wir warten mussten. Aber nochmal wird nicht bestellt

  4. For best sushi in neukölln go to tabibito, a bit down the karl marx strasse, and on the other side. It is more expensive, so you end up spending about 12euros, but the best sushi you ever tasted in berlin. After tabibito, there is no going back to steelshark or any other.

  5. Sharks is right!
    This is the second time I’ve had a bad order from this place. I should not have gone back to them. On delivery a drink was missing, so we adjusted the price. I then asked if the sushi was right, the deliverer said it was, and I took his word for it. In the end , I paid for sushi that was not delivered. I contacted SteelShark a week ago and still no reply has come to my complaint.
    The delivery was slow, the sushi is overpriced compared to competitors and clearly the shop are not concerned with customer satisfaction. I would strongly recommend others AVOID these sharks!

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