The Top 13 Best Sushi Restaurants in Berlin

Since some of Berlin’s great sushi restaurants have closed their doors and others have blossomed – or changed for the worst, it is time for a second and current up-to-date list of the best sushi restaurants in Berlin. Sushi is and will always remain one of our biggest foodie passions. Many, many places in Berlin offer sushi as a delicious culinary experience, which makes it difficult for hungry people in Berlin to find the best and most special places. Sometimes we run into a little eatery that you would never initially enter, but which surprises you with great sushi. Some restaurants are beautiful and posh, others are more about the food than the decoration. That is why, in this version of the best sushi restaurants, we distinguish between beautiful locations (with the style and the service) and the low-key sushi eateries. Both are worthy in their own right and suit different occasions and needs. We also cater to lazy sushi fans with a sub-section on sushi take-away places.

Enjoy the list and please leave a comment if you have any sushi tips or experience to add. We are always looking for input, since we simply cannot eat every bit of sushi Berlin has to offer.


Stylish sushi restaurants


Sasaya (Berlin Prenzlauer Berg)

Sasaya is a quaint and original restaurant that gives off the vibe of authentic sushi eating. Sporting a large sushi bar in the center of the restaurant, it offers you a good view of the sushi chefs in action. Sasaya is the kind of place where you want to go for a special, fusion-esque experience. The menu changes regularly and they offer mighty interesting nibbles as well as sushi. Grilled squid is only one of the few delicious bites Sasaya prepares in its kitchen. Since their menu changes at least once a month, you will have to let yourself be surprised by the side-dishes and main orders that do not entail sushi. Their time-bound menu also gives you the choice to order special sushi rolls, but most beloved sushi classics can be ordered throughout the year. Essentially, Sasaya is a Japanese restaurant for the advanced sushi –eater. If you have grown bored of simple makis and run-of-the-mill selections, you should give this place a try. Cool and funky atmosphere, for the young at heart. Reservatiosn required.

Lychener Straße 50
10437 Berlin




Kuchi (Berlin Mitte)

A place I personally adore – it oozes beauty and a relaxed atmosphere while serving delicious sushi. It has the style of a fashionable restaurant, it serves both sushi and warm meals – and is simply pretty. Located in the middle of Berlin Mitte, it is a beloved after-work location for hip and trendy executives. A stylish place if you feel like eating good sushi in a proper atmosphere – and if you do not mind spending a little bit more than getting take-away. Kuchi is a proper sushi restaurant, but apart from the sushi, they also service warm main courses and Asian salads. But sushi is what you should go here for. Nicely prepared, beautifully delivered and simplistic food enjoyment. Kuchi is the sushi restaurant that you go to if you want to show someone a culinary as well as visually good time.

Kuchi Mitte
Gipsstraße 3
10119 Berlin


My Keng (Potsdam)

Not in Berlin, but located in the beloved tourist village of Potsdam, you can eat some fine sushi on the Brandenburger Straße in the middle of the shopping crowds. My Keng is a tiny, atmospheric little restaurant with an open kitchen. It is always warm, full and stuffed with mouth-watering smells. This is the essence of good sushi eating rolled into one small restaurant. Even though My Keng is not large, they offer a nice ambiance without resorting to tackiness. A pretty and special little place that does some of the best sushi rolls I have had the pleasure of eating. My personal favourite is a tempura sushi roll (with lightly fried dough on the outside) and scallops on the inside. Absolute heaven – perfectly balancing the crunchy exterior with the subtle soft texture of the inside. Whenever I visit Potsdam, I cannot not visit My Keng.  A great location for a rewarding and much-desired elaborate sushi meal after a daytrip in Potsdam. Cosy, romantic, great food and friendly staff.

My Keng
Brandenburger Straße 20
14467 Potsdam


Zaza (Berlin Prenzlauer Berg)

This sleek, hip cocktail and sushi bar on the Kastanienallee is to be found in the middle of Prenzlauer Berg. Amidst young and fashionable people and right in the middle of the lively hustle and bustle of one of Berlin’s most popular Bezirke.  A great location with a large outdoor space in summer and also a large smoker’s lounge where you can chill, eat and sip in that nicotine. Trendy at times, relaxed and chilled at slow evenings. Zaza offers nice Asian appetizers, good sushi and an elaborate menu of sushi choices. If you feel like eating good sushi and you want to do it in a trendy and good-looking kind of place, without overspending, you want to go to Zaza. Next door to many of Berlin’s fun bar and clubs, you are in a great location to start off a long night. Sushi restaurant Zaza has a happy hour, every day until seven (for cocktails) and after eight (for sushi). Keep an eye on that clock, and start enjoying. Good quality sushi, a large and extensive menu for every kind of sushi foodie.

Kastanienallee 12
10435 Berlin


Simple sushi restaurants




Bamboo (Berlin Zehlendorf)

If you are a bit out of the way of the city center, or exploring other parts of Berlin, you should give Bamboo a try. Do not let the thirteen-in-a-dozen cheap name fool you, this restaurant does some mighty nice sushi. In a traditional Zehlendorf-esque house, with a classical-romantic vibe to it, you find the sushi restaurant Bamboo. Modern and sleek decoration determines its style – nothing too beautiful or fancy, but you do feel at home. The reason why you should be visiting Bamboo is the sushi. A lot of delicious, fresh sushi. Their menu offers your traditional sushi, but also good appetizers, exciting soups and large sushi menus. If you order a menu-selection of Bamboo’s sushi, you get a great variety of fresh fish, ranging from eel to scallops. With some  good wines on the wine menu and helpful staff, Bamboo is a great recommendation.

Machnower Straße 23
14165 Berlin

Cube (Berlin Kreuzberg)

Small, no-nonsense cosy sushi eatery. Affordable prices, practical cubes for sitting at and freshly prepared sushi. Cube is a great place for meeting up with friends in Kreuzberg, hanging out after a shopping spree on Bergmannstraße. This little restaurant is a comfortable place that seats around 15 people. Small, but atmospheric and relaxed enough to spend a languid Sunday afternoon. Cube’s menu is traditional, yet offers some more luxurious and special rolls for the more advanced sushi hunger.

Zossener Straße 18
10961 Berlin


Ishin (Berlin Mitte)

This restaurant is definitely my simplistic favourite because of its very specific style. Ishin is one of the few actually authentic places you can find in Berlin when it comes to sushi eating. It is not a posh restaurant, but a down to earth Asian eatery with sushi and sashimi. When you enter this large space you smell fish – lots of fish. You can order off laminated menus after getting your free unlimited green tea fix. For merely a few euros you can easily stuff your face with delicious sushi. You do not come here for the class or the fanciness, but for the sushi. A beloved place for local lunches and quick dinners. Great if you have been craving sushi for a long time and you want to engage in all-you-can-eat-esque binges.

Ishin Friedrichstraße
Mittelstraße 24
10117 Berlin

Mikoto (Berlin Prenzlauer Berg)

Prenzlauer Berg must be one of the Berliner Bezirke with the highest sushi to inhabitant-ratio. You can practically eat sushi on every streetcorner here. Nonetheless more so reason to be careful. Some sushi restaurant are simply disappointing when it comes to price-quality and especially the extent of their menu. Depending on what kind of sushi-eater you are, it is essential you can order to your heart’s desire. Where some people are satisfied with a sushi maki roll, others may demand fresh scallops, lobster and exotic fusion sushi creations. Mikoto is a simple sushi restaurant that sports a healthy, elaborate menu that will satisfy even the more advanced sushi-eaters: inside-out rolls, California rolls, futo maki and all the way up to tempura. The staff is friendly, the atmosphere relaxed and brimming with young trendy excitement during the weekends. Great lively place with good sushi and with a budget-proof price.

Pappelallee 22
10437 Berlin

Cogai (Berlin Schöneberg)

Oh, how this place will always have a special place in my heart. I love its semi-futurist decoration, the clean and hip look in the middle of the busy Bülowstraße in Berlin Schöneberg, merely a stone’s throw away from the infamous Kudamm and its KadeWe. Cogai is a cool restaurant in a location where you would not expect it – practically hidden from beautiful views by the U-Bahn rolling by. Nevertheless, a great place for eating sushi and other Vietnamese-related nibbles. Apart from a relatively elaborate sushi menu, Cogai makes delicious salads (beef and spicy papaya) and flavoursome summer rolls. If you are in the neighbourhood of Schöneberg and you are looking for affordable foodie indulgences, this is worth a try.

Bülowstraße 9
10783 Berlin


Ordering sushi and sushi take-away


Steel Shark (Berlin Neukölln and Mitte)

A low-key and cheap sushi ordering little place. With locations in Mitte and Neukölln, you can only order food from within these respective areas. Steel Shark has an elaborate menu for a sushi-ordering kind of place and with very budget-proof prices. The staff is friendly and helpful, yet their German sometimes leaves something to be desired. Some of our orders have gotten mixed up in the past, but the Steel Shark staff is ever so friendly to solve everything. But do not let that keep you from ordering here: the salads, soups and sushi are absolutely delicious. If you want to make sure you get the good stuff: visit one of their locations and get sushi take-away style. It is worth it.

Steel Shark
Karl-Marx-Straße 13
12043 Berlin

Hangi (Berlin Prenzlauer Berg)

A small, non-descript sushi eatery on the picturesque Zionskirchstraße in Prenzlauer Berg, bordering on the Torstraße of Berlin Mitte. I used to frequent this little place during my lunch hours, or for a quick after-work bite. Hangi offers a traditional selection of different types of sushi, ranging from simple maki rolls to California rolls, soups and other flavoursome appetizers. Hangi sushi is budget-proof and easy to take-away. The location itself is simple and fine for a quick bite, with cubistic seating arrangements. Nothing too fancy, just proper sushi for proper prices.

Zionskirchstraße 42
10119 Berlin


Yuuka (Berlin Prenzlauer Berg)

There are not many sushi delivery places in Berlin that offer a) an extensive menu, b) decent prices and c) good sushi. Yuuka is one of the few that actually does decent sushi and has a lively menu. Whenever I order from Prenzlauer Berg, this is the place I order from. Yuuka offers vegetarian, classical and more exciting maki rolls, appetizers, soups and salads. For decent prices you can order a lazy night of scrumptious sushi. Basically, the place to order from if you are looking for good sushi, for an affordable price.

Schönhauser Allee 134
10437 Berlin

Sushi Number One (Berlin Prenzlauer Berg)

A no-frills and no over-the-top decoration location. With three different restaurants in Berlin (all in Prenzlauer Berg), you can believe in Sushi Number One’s success. It is simple: a restaurant that offers your main sushi favourites, soups, salads and a few hot daily specials. All for good and budget-proof prices, in a relaxed atmosphere where you can sit inside, or lounge outside. Or, if you fancy eating at home, to take away. Sushi Number One is the kind of restaurant you go to if you are peckish for some sushi loving, and you wish to add some summer rolls or a salad to your order. Lovely and friendly staff – and a big plus: you can pay with your ec-karte. Also a cool place to hang out with friends, if you are not looking for any luxurious restaurant locations. Not for ordering sushi, you have to come and get it yourself.

Sushi Number One
Oderberger Straße 51/52
10435 Berlin


For more and even more up-to-date sushi, check out all our sushi restaurants in Berlin.


Looking for a good place to eat sushi at in Berlin? We help you with our top 13 selection.
Date Published: 10/31/2011
5 / 5 stars

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9 Kommentare auf “The Top 13 Best Sushi Restaurants in Berlin

  1. Thank you so much for this sushi top 13. I am going to Berlin this weekend and was wondering if Zaza still was worth going for. I loved this place – their food and drinks were fenomenal 10 years ago… But now I think I am going to try Cogai this time :-)

  2. Tak så meget for de komplimenter! Jeg elsker det danske sprog (lige siden Forbrydelsen;)).
    But Cogai is a nice place with good food – but do not expect a similar young and ‚happening‘ kind of ambience Zaza mostly offers. Good eating!

  3. Hi, very nice review there. I just went yesterday to the Cube and loved it. The only problem is i like more buffets, since i really like to stuff myself up with sushi without having to think about the price (pay a fixed price and eat all you want). I know that menu places are better, but i would like to know which are in your opinion the best sushi buffets in Berlin, considering price and quality.

  4. Vielen Dank für die Liste! Mit Sasaya hast du vollkommen Recht. Mir fehlt aber das Goko in Berlin-Mitte auf der Liste. Meiner Meinung nach super lecker und sehr authentisch!

  5. @ JoernBerlin, danke für den Tipp, wir nehmen Goko mit auf unserer Liste zum-Ausprobieren!

  6. After checking this list I went for a quick bite to Ishin in Mittelstr. and am now back home with a queasy feeling in my gut! I do not understand where the recommendations come from at all. I only had sushi, so maybe the rest of their food is scrumptious, but considering the sushi – all a little off color, even the rice and not very tasty. The general impression I got was also rather unhygienic.

    For a really good, cheap bite of sushi I can definitely recommend the Sushi Express located under the Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz. Not cosy, but superfresh sushi that is always delicious and not expensive at all.

    Thanks for the list tho, I will certainly be checking some other places out.

  7. Go try Tabibito in Neukölln, many say thats the best sushi of Berlin! I’ve been to several places from your list, but they can not be compared with Tabibito. It is the place, when you once try sushi there, your sushi criteria will rise, and you’ll never eat sushi anywhere else ;) Its not just that the sushi is ofcourse extra fresh, seeweed is crunchy, a lot of fish inside, but also wasabi is creamier than anywhere. Oh, I am geting hungry for sushi just by thinking of it

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