Wasabi Sushi Berlin Mitte: Berlin’s Best Sushi?

Wasabi is without a doubt one of my favourite sushi restaurants in Berlin. It is only a small restaurant that you might simply ignore if roaming the streets for food. But do not judge this book by its cover. With seating arrangements for up to 20 to 30 people, Wasabi is a cute and intimate sushi location. In the summer you can sit outside and check out the many exciting faces and fashionable outfits passing through the popular Oranienburger Straße. It has a relaxed and cosy atmosphere and always nice and friendly staff.  With only one working sushi chef, the waiting times can sometimes be a bit longer than your average fast-foody sushi restaurant. But let me tell you: it is worth it. Order a nice preview of classical Miso soup (they also do a great Wan-Tan) or Kimchi salad with a glass of wine or sake to enjoy the craving for sushi. Wasabi is seriously one of the few sushi restaurants in Berlin that I keep coming back to – alone or with company – because I adore their sushi and it is so afforable at the same time.

Sushi at Wasabi

The sushi menu (which is the reason most people come here) is suprisingly large. Wasabi does all your well-known maki and nigiri classics, they have a broad selection of inside-out rolls and also offer an extensive list of special rolls. As an experienced sushi-fan who likes to eat sushi most days of the week, the special rolls make me either fall in or out of love with a restaurant. I love a tamago maki or some eel nigiri from time to time, but the special rolls are what make the taste buds explode, if done right.

Fabulous Sushi Special Rolls

And Wasabi’s special rolls are fantastic. They taste right, look beautiful and are always prepared with the utmost care. From white tiger rolls to rainbow rolls, they do it all. And for some decent prices too. A special roll is a more extensive maki roll, with more and exciting ingredients. For example, the well-known philadelphia inside out roll consists of salmon, avocado, cream cheese and sesame. My personal favourite (for which I actually travelled 30 minutes in the wintery snow just to eat it) is their creamy dragon roll: a special roll with tamago egg on the outside and salmon, cream cheese and avocado on the inside – a different take on the classical philadelphia inside-out. Definitely worth trying!

But Wasabi is also a great place to go to with friends who do not particularly like sushi. They offer some very nice soups (such as classical noodle soups with beef) and rice dishes. Not to forget the very nice fried banana (granted, not very exciting but still a favourite) they serve as a dessert.

What makes this restaurant fabulous:

  • The food, as it is simply great food, with fresh ingredients. Overall superb sushi.
  • The price, which is great with 6-piece maki starting at 2,50, up to 8-piece luxerious special roll for 7 euros.
  • The menu, consisting of long lists of classical sushi, soups, rice dices and exciting special rolls.
  • The standard. I have eaten here lots, with different sushi chefs, but the standard is always impeccable.
  • Take away possible.

What makes this restaurant less fabulous:

  • It is rather small and the deco is nothing compared to one of the more posh and decorative sushi restaurants.
  • Not the best place if you’re in a hurry when you come in the evening and when the place is packed. Great for weekend sushi brunches or lunches, though.

Getting there:

[googleMap name=“Wasabi“ width=“400″ height=“400″ mousewheel=“false“ typecontrol=“false“ directions_to=“false“]Friedrichstraße 114 10117 Berlin[/googleMap]
Friedrichstraße 114
10117 Berlin

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  2. Seems like this restaurant has closed down :(
    I had a sushi craving and decided to go there for dinner, but the entire place was completely dark. This was around end Aug 2011, and I hope I was mistaken…

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