How to travel to Berlin?

Update April 2013: this information is still current and up-to-date. The new Berlin airport has not opened yet. We will update this page accordingly when it does open!

If you are coming over to the wonderful city of Berlin, either for moving here for an indefinite amount of time, or for a brief trip: there are different ways of arriving in and travelling to Germany’s capital. We will sum up some the essentials and will thereby hopefully help you along with your travels.

Airports and airplanes to Berlin

Berlin has two major airports: Berlin Schönefeld and Berlin Tegel. If you are taking a flight to Berlin, you will most likely end up in one of these airports. Tegel is the biggest airport when it comes to a proper amount of facilities and amenities, such as shops and restaurant. Nowhere near the size of other international capitals such as London or Amsterdam, though. Schönefeld on the other hand is especially large when it comes to the daily inbound and outbound airtraffic. Facilities such as a proper place to sit down for a meal or browse for some new perfume however, are not something one should expect at Schönefeld. Excluding a few stalls and a small Burger King tucked away in a corridor.

How to get from the airport to Berlin

Schönefeld is especially practical if you want to get to the city center by public transport and do it as easily as possible. There is a direct train connection from the airport Schönefeld to Berlin Alexanderplatz, which will deliver you right in the middle of the Bezirk Mitte. (For more information about the different parts, Bezirke, of the city of Berlin, check out our Berlin for Dummies.) You can buy a ticket on your way to the train, and getting to and from Schönefeld will always cost you an ABC-ticket, since Schönefeld is located in the outer “C” area of Berlin.
Do beware that this train may not always run (especially at odd times, such as really late in the night and really early in the morning). There will always be cabs available, or you can take the S-Bahn straight to Prenzlauer Berg, if that is where you are staying. Check specific times and data on

How to get from Berlin-Tegel to Berlin-City

If you arrive at Tegel, you will have to take a bus. There are various buses going to different locations in Berlin. There is one bus going straight to Alexanderplatz, if you need to be in Mitte. Our tip: take any bus that drops you off at Jakob-Kaiser-Platz (the first stop on the line) which lands you at the station to the nearest U-Bahn (subway) stop also called Jakob-Kaiser-Platz, which is the U7. Take the U-Bahn in the direction of Rudow to get into the city. With the U7 you can easily and cheapily navigate your way through the city and to where you want or need to be. Especially if you need to be in Schöneberg, Mitte, Kreuzberg or Neukölln, this is the quickest way to travel. Plus: the U-Bahn is an epitome of Berlin culture.
If you travel into the city from Tegel, all you need is a ticket that covers the AB-areas of Berlin. You can use this same ticket to get onto the U-Bahn.

Tips for getting around:

  • Download the VBB app for your smartphone.
  • Check the practical U & S-Bahn map of the city.

More information on travelling can be found on the website of Berlin’s public transport system. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch via Twitter or Facebook. We wish you happy travelling – and try out some of the restaurants on our website!

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  1. Actually the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport is scheduled to open on 3rd June. Tegel Airport will be closed later this year and Schoeneberg will be integrated into the new airport.

  2. Hi Andrea, thanks for the update! We were thinking of only adding the information from the end of May and onwards, considering BER has not opened yet. But we will definitely include the information in our page on travelling to Berlin.

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