Joey’s Pizza: Ordering Food to be Delivered at Home in Berlin

I do not order food. Never. I have always been raised to not order food. I would either go and eat out in a restaurant, eat at a friend’s place, cook at home or take some take-away home with me. Never had I ordered food.

Until a couple of weeks ago. I was hungover and at work. Whenever I am hungover, I am always obsessing about food. Mostly because my nauseousness will not allow me to eat for the first 12 hours after consuming large amounts of alcohol. So I obsess about food. I think about all the delectable, naughty, fatty and scrumptious foods I will eat in the comfort of my own home as soon as I am done with working.

That day, I discovered – the online portal for Germany when it comes to getting food delivered on your doorstep. You just give in your postal code and the site shows you a big list of all the restaurants and diners that will deliver food to you. The range is huge – from little sushi restaurants, asian places, italian food, greek dinners to burgers and pizzas.

order food online in berlinWhy would you eat pizza?

I am also never a big fan of pizza. Once in a while I enjoy the practicality of getting a frozen pizza and throwing it into my own oven. But I never really enjoy eating a pizza at a restaurant. It will bore me to death, most of the time. I’m a big fan of variety and after one slice of pizza, I know exactly what it tastes like and I don’t want any more of it. But of course, as I am the queen of breaking my own promises, I wanted to eat pizza that post-hangover night. I had been dreaming of all possible foods all throughout the day, like a little girl all in love with her first boyfriend. I was literally craving food.

That evening, at home, I logged on and surfed to the website. One day, at work, a co-worker had ordered pizza at Joey’s, one of Berlin’s biggest and most well-known pizza delivery services. Said co-worker had saved me a slice and I tried my first bite of Joey’s pizza (it was the Hot Pizza Scampi). It was actually rather nice.

And you know what can happen with hangover food. It is like you turn into a pregnant woman for a day. You crave random foods that you normally either hate or would never eat. That was what happened to me that day. I wanted pizza. Full stop.

The Pizza

So I filled out my info and waited patiently for the delivery boy to come. I had ordered a Pizza Athena, a pizza with Spinach and exciting Greek Cheese (Pathos). That combination had intrigued me and the pizza’s on offer had actually surprised me. Joey’s has a large range of classical pizza’s (Funghi, Hawaii), but also exciting ‚fusion‘ pizza, such as pizza Bombay (with curry and chicken) and pizza Gourmet (with beef, asparagus, vegetables and cheese). And you can add whatever you want, to your pizza of choice (for a bit of extra money).

It goes without saying that the delivery guy came and he handed me the pizza (and a mini Ben & Jerry’s icecream, which I also had ordered). The pizza was warm, smelled delicious and also tasted good. But, like I said before, a pizza quickly bores my tastebuds, as did this pizza. But if you ever feel like ordering a pizza in Berlin, this place is the way to go.


  • For a normally sized pizza (25 cm of diameter) you will pay 6 euros at Joey’s.
  • No extra delivery costs.
  • They also have sandwiches, salads and B&J’s icecream.
  • You can also pay with your EC-karte in case you’re lacking in cash.
  • Order via or

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3 Kommentare auf “Joey’s Pizza: Ordering Food to be Delivered at Home in Berlin

  1. I like a lot better. They have this really cool iPhone app, online payments and they even send me a textmessage with an ETA on my food, talking about science fiction :) I also think their Berlin offer is larger but I’m unsure. Part of, which is also active in my own country.

  2. how could someone not like pizza…i think you are lying. pizza is awesome. i want pizza right now. you need to rethink your life.

  3. why would i ever take pizza advice from someone who is so crazy that they can lie about liking pizza. pizza is awesome!

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