The Best Locations for Lunch and Brunch in Berlin

I like writing top restaurant lists. They inspire me and are very handy for anyone who likes more general overview of ‚what is out there‘, when it comes to Berlin and its many restaurants. Today it is time for the top 7 in lunch and brunch (and of course also breakfast) locations in Berlin. Different styles, different menus – from à la carte to budget buffets – and therefore many different restaurants. Since there are so many great places for brunch in Berlin, consider this is only a random selection of places that are great for many different reasons. Adapt your choice to fit the time of year you are in Berlin.

Brunching in Berlin

One of the best things to be doing in Berlin during the weekend is going out for brunching. I like to use the word ‚brunch‘ here, because it sounds so nicely posh and is basically never limited to a certain time. Many restaurants may call it by a different name – such as a weekend breakfast or a lunch. Essentially it does not really matter, as you will never have to hurry for brunching in Berlin, as most restaurants (especially during the weekend) will offer their breakfast/ brunch/ lunch menus up until the late afternoon. The perfect pastime for a Berlin weekend is lunching and brunching until the evening falls…

1. Café Anna Blume (Prenzlauer Berg)

  • Keywords: romantic, luxury, pretty, yummy

The perfect place for a sunny autumn day or an early warm day in spring. Sit outside, enjoy the luscious plants (because Anna Blume also sells flowers and plants) and order an etagère for two. The etagère for two includes everything you could possibly want to eat (eggs, meats, cheeses, salmon, cream cheeses, salads, vegetables, etc) and looks gorgeous in the silver three-layered display. For two people, you pay 17,50 euros for the etagére, which will be more than enough to satisfy your hunger for the next hours. The most fabulous romantic lunch location for anyone with a bit of taste. The staff is always fabulously friendly, the brunch menus are varied (ranging from bread baskets, egg dishes up til pancakes) and they serve nice hot chocolate with rum, good coffee and fresh juices. The best fairytale of a location when you what that special place for brunch. I passionately recommend it – and do not forget to try one of their scrumptious pieces of pie.

Kollwitzstraße 83, 10435 Berlin (U-Bahn Station Eberswalder Straße/ Senefelder Platz)

2. An einem Sonntag in August (Prenzlauer Berg)

  • Keywords: budget, Berlin, indie, cosy

I love this place, but I do not particularly love their brunch. However, since they offer a daily brunch for only 2,95 € I thought it was essential to include this location. It is a typical low budget price for an all-you-can-eat basic buffet brunch. I might be a bit spoiled, but I am not the biggest fan of do-it-yourself brunches. Especially when the price is so low, that it kind of feels like you are battling a wild and hungry herd of buffalos for your food. But, no, seriously – if you are looking for an extensive brunch for the lowest possible price – this is your thing. An einem Sonntag is actually a very cosy and nice hang out place for any day of the week and they have a nice, comfortable smoker’s area and are just very typical Berlin. It is on the corner of the Kastanienallee, on the crossing with the Schönhauser Allee, at the Eberswalder Straße U-Bahn station. Great location, lively and Berlin-esque view. But it does get busy during brunch time (Saturdays and Sundays mornings).

Kastanienallee 103, 10435 Berlin (U-Bahn Station Eberswalder Straße)

3. Datscha (Friedrichshain)

  • Keywords: cosy, authentic, remarkable

This comfy Russian restaurant you can find in the heart of Friedrichshain. If you want a cool and special brunch: Datscha is the place to go. Do not be scared off when you see large fierce fish heads being part of their brunch buffet – they also offer classical Russian dishes that will satisfy the more conventional eater. Every Sunday, you can enjoy the all-you-can-eat Russian brunch and lunch buffet for nine euros a person. And for this small amount of money you can nibble on Russian blini’s (little filled pancakes with hearty stuffing), breads, fishes, even real caviar and a lot of other surprisingly original dishes. The whole buffet is home-made every Sunday, so you should make sure to pop in to check it out. One warning, on Sunday when they do their buffet breakfast, you cannot order breakfast or lunch dishes à la carte. Breakfast/ brunch at Datscha lasts until four (16hrs), after that you can just order delicious Flammkuchen, main course Blini’s or delicious steaks for ‚lunch‘. Great food, cosy atmosphere, decent prices (8-15 euros for a main dish).

Gabriel Max Straße 1, 10245 Berlin (U-Bahn Station Frankfurter Allee/ S-/U-Bahn Warschauer Straße)

4. Oranium (Mitte)

  • Keywords: regal, yummy, affordable, fireplace

Oranium is a practially located and mainstream kind of restaurant location. I personally prefer it as a brunch place, as their dinner dishes are not that special or surprising. However, I still really enjoy going here for brunch or breakfast. The breakfast dishes here are nicely priced, fresh and very varied. I love going here on a Sunday with a book, to curl up in a dark leather armchair and order my favourite breakfast dish: a crèpe with mangocream, fruits, bread, a boiled egg and butter. Perfect for me, and very budget for only 4 euros. They also do nice yoghurty breakfasts with fresh fruits and more hearty dishes with meats and different cheeses. I love the atmosphere here, it is very cosy and comfortable – perfect for a cold sunday morning. And brilliantly located on the Oranienburger Straße. A great place for the chilly months in Berlin – I would not recommend it to sit outside in summer, as the view is not beautiful and wasps tend to terrorize this side of the street.

Oranienburger Straße 33/34, 10117 Berlin‎ (S/U-Bahn Station Oranienburger Straße/ Oranienburger Tor)

5. Voss (Mitte)

  • Keywords: restaurant with a view, comfortable, friendly, budget, yum

Right opposite of the Volksbühne and a stone’s throw away from the Rosa Luxemburg Platz, you can find a cute and small restaurant called Voss. This is a great semi-hidden secret place for a great lunch, dinner, breakfast or in-between meal. The menu is elaborate and very, very nicely priced. They basically have everything you could want to eat on the menu. They do great (large) salads, home-made and yummy toasted bread with flavoursome ingredients and nice soup, and classical hot dishes (even tapas!). A perfect place to meet with lots of different people without having to worry about who is feeling like eating what. Great, friendly staff and a perfect relaxing haven in the middle of Mitte.

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, 10178 Berlin (U-Bahn Station Rosa-Luxemburg Platz)

6. Cayetano (Friedrichshain)

  • Keywords: outside, lively, Spanish, restaurant with a view

On the corner of the Simon-Dach Straße, bordering on the Grünberger Straße, you can pop into Cayetano. I have never written about this restaurant as a dinner location, because I would mainly (and probably only) advise it as a lunch, brunch or breakfast restaurant. They do very nice egg and bread dishes, offer nice lunch platters and when the sun is out, you can enjoy the fabulous view of Friedrichhain’s lively scene. It is mainly a Spanish-esque restaurant and they also do some very nice tapas. It is a great place for early nibbles and an in-between snack, but their evening dishes are just not too impressive (and not too cheap). But their lunch is great and the location is worth it. Also perfect for brunching on your own. If it is a beautiful spring morning or a warm summer early afternoon, this is a great and sunny place to enjoy a flavoursome breakfast or lunch. You can go for the tapas or enjoy an omelette or a breakfast dish with various different foods (meats, cheeses and a bread basket).

Simon-Dach-Straße 14, 10245 Berlin (U-Bahn Station Frankfurter Allee/ S-/U-Bahn Warschauer Straße)

7. Café de Paris (Prenzlauer Berg)

  • Sitting outside, classical, restaurant with a view

Literally on the fabulous Kollwitzplatz, one of Prenzlauer Berg’s most beloved hot spots, and with a view of the Kollwitzplatzpark, you can curl up on a chair at the Café de Paris. And even though you are not in Paris, Berlin can be just as fabulous as the French capital. In the early spring all the way up until late autumn, you can enjoy the sun on the Café de Paris terrace. The perfect location for a classical brunch or lunch, whether it may be with or without a naughty glass of alcoholic refreshments. Café de Paris offers size-able lunch platters, yummy omelets and large luxerious salads. A bit more on the pricey side, considering its top location, but surely worth it. (Basically: the place to go when Anna Blume is either full, or you are sick and tired of the shiny etagères.)

Husemannstrassse 2, 10435 Berlin (U-Bahn Station  Senefelder Platz)

Since we will keep lunching and brunching you may look forward to a part 2 of the best lunch and brunch locations in Berlin! And do not hesitate to tell us about your favourite restaurants.

Our favourite lunch and brunch restaurants in Berlin
The Best Lunch and Brunch Locations in Berlin
Date Published: 10/31/2010
Where to go for a nice, eleborate, fancy or budget-proof lunch/ brunch or breakfast in Berlin?
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5 Kommentare auf “The Best Locations for Lunch and Brunch in Berlin

  1. Café de Paris is closed since almost 2 years. The new opened Heimatlos at this place is by now closed too.

  2. Hello.
    Nr. 2 on the brunchlist is terrible. I regret going there and I will never return. I went there just because it was on you list of recommendations.

    It sucked. The breakfast buffe was very small(wich is ok since its cheap, 4,95€) but cold(even the supposed-to-be-hot-dishes as scrambled eggs and porrage) and the scr. eggs I think has been standing there since they tore down the wall. Everything just tasted really bad and I felt sick when I left. The coffee wss semi-ok. Sorry to say this and maybe hurt there business but I was disappointed to find this one on your list. If you like to smoke weed and eat strange mushrooms then this is the place.

  3. Hi there Chris.
    I think we stated that the An Einem Sonntag in August-brunch buffet is mainly interesting because of its budget friendly-ness. And since many people visiting Berlin might be on a budget, or specifically looking for a buffet brunch, we did include it. The location and atmosphere is nice – so you basically go here for lounging and hanging.
    But thank you for your opinion and experience there. We will reevaluate if we will include it in future top lists.

    Kind regards.

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