Valentine’s Day Restaurants in Berlin: The Top 7 Most Romantic Restaurants

At the end of January we can feel the commercial taunt of fluttering hearts and red roses coming up. Valentine’s Day is drawing nigh! A nice occasion for those among us who are lucky enough to be in love to surprise and pamper their loved one.

We will surprise you with our personal top seven of the most suitable restaurants for taking your date on a romantic dinner. Our choices range from classical romantic, to fashionable fusion cooking – whatever blows your skirt up! Some of the restaurants we might already have blogged about, some others might be new to the scene or might come up in our future blogs.

The Top 7

1. Authentic cosy low-key Vietnamese food: Cogai (Schöneberg)
Bülowstraße 9, 10783 Berlin
Keywords: classy, cosy, fashionable

This restaurant is one of my personal favourites. Due to its location on the Bülowstraße it is generally hidden away from anyone who does not know that particular neighbourhood or lives nearby. Cogai, however, is a little surprise after leaving the throbbing heart of the Berlin city shopping on the Kudamm. It looks gorgeous, inviting and it is decorated in a cool, sleek yet welcoming deco.

The food at Cogai is absolutely fabulous. They surprise with a menu that actually does what it is supposed to do. It tickles your tastebuds and combines some new interesting flavours. Personal recommendations include the unfried Sommerrollen (Summerrolls) which are filled with fresh vegatables, shrimps and fresh herbs and the brilliant mango and beef salad. They also do a great sushi.

This is a cute and sweet restaurant, for a couple looking for a good and adventurous meal.

2. Eat and drink in an old-fashioned DDR atmosphere: Weinerei Café (Mitte)
Fehrberliner Straße 57, 10119 Berlin
Keywords: old-school, cosy, classical

We blogged about the FraRosa Weinerei on the Zionskirchplatz before. Well, there is also another Weinerei only around the corner from the FraRosa. The principal concept remains the same, as you can decide how much money you are willing to pay for your stay. There are no fixed prices for food or drink and at the end of your stay, you can pay as much as you think it was worth.

The Weinerei Café is a cosy, typically Berlin kind of bar. All of the furniture is old and from the DDR times, which gives the bar a very warm and homely feel to it. It is a perfect location for snuggling up in one of the big lazy couches with some nice drinks and a bite to eat.

This place is perfect for a little casual Valentine’s get together, for couples that like to cosy up with each other.

3. Cool sushi and Asian soups:  Zaza (Prenzlauer Berg)
Kastanienallee 12, 10435 Berlin
Keywords: fashionable, hip, fusion

Zaza is a perfect after-work restaurant, situated in the center of Prenzlauer Berg and close to the Eberswalder Straße. It has many long and cosy couches and a special smoker lounge at the far end of the restaurant where you can have a comfortable meal, drink and a cigarette.

Zaza basically offers a range of exciting and nice cocktails (happy hour until seven pm) and a large menu of freshly made (and very nice looking) sushi. But that is not all, all ye who fear sushi! Zaza also offers a broad range of noodle soups, non-noodle soups and classical Asian rice and noodle dishes.

This is a pretty and hip restaurant for a nice and long dinner for a busy couple.

4. Exotic Spanish food: Tres Tapas (Prenzlauer Berg)
Lychener Straße 30, 10437 Berlin
Keywords: classy, luxury, mainstream

We have mentioned Tres Tapas before, but it simply is a great place for a romantic date. It is a bit of an up-scaled restaurant, it has many cute seating arrangements and it is the perfect location for a lengthy dinner with luscious amounts of alcohol.

Tres Tapas offers a large variety of great tapas dishes. My personal favourites are always the calamares (the fried squid) and  dates wrapped in a thin layer of bacon, grilled into an exquisite crispness. The combination of the sweet date and the crispy and salty bacon is absolutely divine. Other favourites include the tortilla espanola (spanish omelette with potatoe and onion), the mushrooms in garlic and the mussels with a light vinaigrette.

The tapas of course encourage sharing – which is perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner! Feed your lover bits and pieces of your food while enjoying a nice glass of wine.

5. Romantic Dishes and Red Walls:  Goodmorning Vietnam (Mitte)
Alte Schönhauser Straße 60, 10119 Berlin
Keywords: cosy, warm, fusion

The wintery winds of winter all still teasing us with their glaring cold tickles. And no better place to be comfortable and warm in is the restaurant Goodmorning Vietnam, locating almost on the crossing of Rosa Luxemburg Platz in the middle of Berlin’s brimming city center. Goodmorning Vietnam is a real good and friendly restaurant. The walls are painted a welcoming colour of red and the tables are inviting to lounge on.

They offer some nice cocktails and wines. The food ranges from very nice Vietnamese soups (the classical Pho Bo) to some tasteful rice dishes. The staff is very friendly and the service is quick and apt. This restaurant would be the perfect choice for a low-key romantic evening filled with holding hands and a nice, exciting Asian meal.

oysters in berlin restaurant6. Oysters & Champagne: KadeWe (Zoologischer Garten)
Tauentzienstraße 21, 10789 Berlin
Keywords: luxury, class, hip

I might better well open up about this: I have a weak spot for luxury.  I like watching million dollar yachts, I drool over unafforable shiny jewellery and I love to rub shoulders with rich men in suits. It might just be my favourite pastime. I love feeling like an important rich person on occasion and that is why one Saturday morning I was sitting in the oyster bar at the luxury Kaufhaus KadeWe sipping champagne.

Sauntering through the KadeWe itself is already a treat. Do dress to impress, because if you come where wearing your trainers and ‚comfy pants‘ you will start feeling uncomfortable soon. It is the greatest place to soak up the rich and fabulous juices of a life style you might never be able to afford. But a girl can dream… (This girl always used to dream she bumped into a rich millionaire in the KadeWe who would offer to buy her a fantastic dress.)

But back to the oysters. I really love seafood – especially things like scallops, mussels and oysters. But oysters are the best when it comes to the fun and the experience of eating them. If you have never tried it out: I seriously recommend it. The naughty aphrodisiac status still attached to the slurping of oysters is the perfect way to start your dream Valentine’s Day! You enjoy the oysters with a nice glass of white Riesling or champagne. (All of this is afforable, also for non-rich people. A basket of oysters, incl. bread and wine will cost around 15 euros a person.)

Perfect idea for a couple that wants to do something different for a change and does not have a problem with a bit of pampering.

7. Real Good Food: Knofi Feinkostladen (Kreuzberg)
Bergmannstraße 98, 10961 Berlin
Keywords: authentic, cute, cosy

Knofi is a quaint and cute little boutique food shop where they home-make everything they sell. Here you can buy your freshly stuffed wineleaves, some finger licking chocolate pie or various nice herby pastes to put on your (home-made) bread all. But the best thing is: you can also order dishes with combinations of the best foods and eat it in the shop itself. They have a couple of small tables in the corners and in summer you can snuggle up on the benches they have in front of the shop.

The roots of the shop are Turkish and therefore you will find many of your favourite Turkish and general Mediterrean delicacies at Knofi. My personal favourites are always the goat cheeses, the freshly baked Turkish bread and the large variety of pies they have as a dessert to choose from. They also sell great wines, pastas and olives to take-away for the rest of the night.

This is a fabulous place to have a cute, intimate little dinner, with sharing bites and plates for a cute couple.

Some extra Valentine’s tips:

  • Home-cooking can be even cuter than taking your lover out to dinner. Especially if you never cook: make an effort and come up with a nicely improvised Valentine’s Day dinner.
  • And for after dinner: draw a bath, sprinkle it with some rose petals and some nicely scented bathing oil. The classical recipe for romance.
  • Oh, yes, and never forget: the magical breakfast-in-bed!

Hope you liked our list and tips – if you have any tips yourself, do not hesitate to leave a reply or suggestion. And we wish you a lovable Valentine’s!

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  1. Great Berlin suggestions, as always. Valentines is a mystery to me. I love to celebrate, but going out to a meal doesn’t alwasys spell romance. We will see what this year brings, but at least we have some more great places to visit.

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