Weinerei Frarosa Zionskirchplatz Berlin: You Choose How Much You Pay

Sometimes I spend too much money on having a good time. I forget all about paying rent, saving money for my long-desired cat and anything rational when I’m out there having a couple of drinks and a delicious meal. It happens to the best of us. And that is exactly why I would like to introduce this special winery-meets-restaurant in Berlin (a well-known location to most Berliner) that will give your tastebuds a naughty lapdance for as much money as you choose to pay.

What? I choose how much I pay?

That’s right. The Frarosa Weinerei basically let’s you decide how much you think the food is worth. You put the standard fee of two euros in the big bowl on the bar and they give you a glass. After which, you can pour yourself wine from the collection of whites, rosés and reds they have on offer. And you can drink as much as you want. Liking this already?

But wait, there is more. A lot more, because the main reason to come here is for the food. The Weinerei offers a daily menu, with different fresh ingredients every day. Their menu always enables you to choose between two options (in case there’s a scary fish or a cute rabbit on the menu), so you will never be dissapointed. An example of what they have on offer goes back to november, which was the last time I wined and dined here. The complete menu will result in a four course meal.

Four course luxury dinner

Me and my dinner companion had a pumpkin soup and a rucola salad as an appetiser, home-made tortellini and baked swordfish as an in-between, both a guinea fowl (fancy grouse) as a mean main course and chocolate mousse (dark and white) as dessert. The pumpkin soup was beautifully flavoured and very creamy, the home-made tortellini was a little trip to Italian heaven and the main course combined the Perlhuhn with the veg and a delicious sauce. But the cherry on top had to have been the chocolate dessert.
Okay. So I am a woman and I love chocolate. But I have eaten lots of chocolate and most of the time, I don’t particularly like chocolate mousses. They can be rather dull. But this mousse was heaven. The white chocolate almost melted in my mouth and combined with the thicker dark chocolate – the balance was simply perfect.

What makes this restaurant fabulous:

  • The prices, of course. Although, do not overcompensate your contribution. Pay what you felt like it was worth, that’s the Weinerei’s philosophy.
  • The food, which just tastes surprisingly well. You can really taste that they prepare everything right there on the spot. No crappy pasta or canned sauces.
  • The atmosphere, which consists of  some funky art-deco on the walls and cosy DDR-furnishings, which makes it a great place to spend an intimate evening.

What makes this restaurant less fabulous:

  • The staff. I have been here a couple of times and sometimes there’s a rather unfriendly woman working the bar.
  • The quantity of the food on your plates. Let’s say you’re very hungry and you need a lot of food? Don’t go here or be prepared to order the menu twice.
  • The popularity of the location can also be an issue. If you want a place here, come early or call in a reservation. After 19hrs it’s almost impossible to set a table.

Getting there

Frarosa Weinerei
Zionskirchstraße 40
10119 Berlin
030 6570-6756

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  1. Have been there just tow days ago. A great restaurant, great food and very kind service!

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